Manasseh Azure in 'self-destruct mode' while Multimedia sinks

Manesseh.jpe Manasseh Azure Awuni, JoyNews investigative journalist

Mon, 11 Mar 2019 Source: Fadi Dabbousi

The die is cast and the camouflage is fading. Manasseh and Multimedia seem to be in a tussle with government as they play out the NDC agenda.

Yes NDC agenda! The news editor at Joy Fm is a notorious NDC person who will stop at nothing to hammer nails into our NPP coffin!

The bitter pill they will soon have to swallow, though, is the gargantuan defeat that is staring them in the face, which may be in two facades. Loss of credibility, and a possible assassination attempt on the life of Manasseh by the NDC in order to pin it on the NPP.

In this regard, the NDC Hippo-mouth, Mugabe Maase, hinted it when he allegedly stated that the NPP will assassinate Manasseh Azure within 11 months.

The sad reality of the recent plot was to mar the reputation of the NPP, and entrench in the minds of Ghanaians untoward ideas about our President.

Multi-Media has therefore switched blindly into self-destruct overdrive mode as they tried to even the score with government, or let’s say, Honourable Oppong Nkrumah, the Minister of Information.

They seem to have developed a beef with him because he chose a PA from a different media house other than theirs, as alleged. They believe that they have a right over him in that he was nurtured within their fraternity. They are fantastically wrong! They do not own him, and this is certainly not the era of slavery where he has to obey his former masters.

So, they allegedly pushed Manasseh to do a fake story about a militia at Osu Castle. Having spewed their lies, the Honourable Military Command of the Armed Forces issued rebuttals to debunk Multi-Media’s treacherous lies, crushing the mission of Manasseh Azure and pronouncing it dead upon arrival.

Ghanafo), NPP fo) wake up!!!

However, one thing that disgusts me is the double standards that some of our brothers and sisters in the NPP have exhibited. Sometimes I wonder if the feel of Power emasculates people that they lose their sense of reason and patriotism to our cause. Knowing how terribly we have been treated before, it is not possible to allow the shenanigans of the NDC to play out as if we are sitting ducks waiting our turn to be smoked out. Some of my people need to be awakened, maybe by a slap like that handed to Sam George!

Have we soon forgotten how disgraceful the West Wuogon brouhaha was, and how embarrassing it was to us and our government? Have we soon forgotten the treasonable utterances of OfosuAmpofo that I am almost certain will not be prosecuted by our lazy security outfits? Have we soon forgotten how HarunaIddrisu wanted to create a diversion from the supposed leakages through their female MPs who are being bonked by NPP MPs, as he was alleged to have said?

Then we shoot ourselves in the foot by playing the diplomacy card when in actual fact, the NDC need to be booted in their butts from now until thy kingdom come. I read a post that infuriated me to obscene levels by my friend Gabby Otchere-Darko, which sought to transfer the knife from Manasseh’s neck to our government’s.

He said, and I quote: “Manasseh Azure Awuni was only doing his job. Don’t over-focus on the sensationalized exaggeration aspect of his work. Dismiss that but deal with the facts. Focus on the lapses in the system his work has exposed and deal with it! Don’t try to hang him because it won’t work!”

I just want to know what wrong about the NPP and our government that Manasseh’s work has exposed. I beg to differ, if any astute thinker can bring themself to decipher the codes in this whole “militia” story, they will realise that it is yet another of NDC’s plot to make His Excellency President Nana Akufo-Addo unpopular.

I am disgusted that people want to show that they are more civilised than the rest of our frats. In matters of this nature, they must sue the backsides of multi-media, and since Gabby is so happy playing Lawyer, let him do something nationalistic as taking the imbeciles to court rather than diverting people’s attention from the criminality of Manasseh Azure’s fake story, and the questionable lack of integrity his employers have displayed.

Look, anything that brings or would seem to bring insecurity within our borders is treasonable, and Manasseh’s story is no exception. Yet of course, as Ofosu Ampofo’s filthy effusions will not go anywhere appreciable for us to say that our security forces are competent, so also the perpetrators of this heinous lie, Manasseh and Multi-Media, will definitely not be sanctioned or investigated for telling treasonable lies.

In the same breath, CITI FM seems to pounding the NPP government in no merciful terms at all. Yet the alleged owner, Samens, is Gabby’s best friend, and seems to be running deals in collaboration with some freaks at the expense of the sweat and toil of all Ghanaians who voted for change to bring the best President ever, Nana Akufo-Addo, to the helm of affairs as the President of the Republic.

If Citi fm is hitting our government so hard, why then is Samens always seen at UN gatherings with the President? How double-faced and two-timing can one be?

Shame on everyone who tries to pull off diplomatic stunts in the face of such criminal acts as Manasseh’s misleading and treasonable lie about a non-existent militia.

The characters involved in the “Eye” militia, or whatever contemptuous name it carries, seem to be a bunch of people trying to fit in, so it is high time they are taken care of.

You can’t be somewhere sitting in an office “chopping” with both hands and feet, and begin to talk rubbish as if you are the only learned person in society or the only thinker on the face of this earth. The rest of the story is something I am not interested in because it is frivolous and vexatious.

I stand with Nana Akufo-Addo against double standards, and against being too forgiving at his expense and that of the entire nation’s! Let us beat the NDC at their own profession.

Are we game? On your marks, get set, peee….go!



Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi
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