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Martin Amidu's moral authority could eventually make him president

Until he succeeded in obtaining verdicts from the Supreme Court that Waterville BV Holdings and Isofoton SA should return monies paid to them, when they secured judgement-debt orders against the government of Ghana, from the lower courts, Mr. Martin Amidu was seen by many of Ghana's cynics, as a man who had needlessly sacrificed his political career, for a people who were undeserving of his honest stewardship whiles in government - because most of them were themselves corrupt individually.

Having achieved a feat unparalleled in Ghana's political history - by twice securing, as a private citizen, judgements from the Supreme Court, ordering the return to government chest, of various sums paid out as a result of lower court orders, as judgment-debt to Waterville (Euro 25 millions) and Isofoton (US$325,497) - Mr. Martin Amidu's moral authority in the Ghanaian political world, and society generally, is now greater than that of any contemporary Ghanaian currently resident in Ghana.

Today, it has become fashionable to toast Mr. Martin Amidu.

It is one of the main reasons why some of those who stood up for him through their writing, when powerful self-seekers-in-high-places conspired to remove him from office as Attorney General - for wanting to expose corruption at the very heart of the Mills administration - have refrained from commenting on his famous victories in the Supreme Court.

The New Patriotic Party's Mr. P. C. Appiah-Ofori, missed the point, when he said he would recommend that Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo, appoints Mr. Martin Amidu to his cabinet as his Attorney General, if the December 2012 presidential election petition currently before the Supreme Court, eventually opens the way for the New Patriotic Party's December 2012 presidential candidate to become Ghana's president.

It is others who must serve in an administration led by Mr. Martin Amidu - not the other way round.

What seems to escape the P. C. Appiah-Oforis, is that rare in the Ghanaian society of today, Mr. Martin Amidu is trusted by virtually all Ghanaians, as an honest politician who seeks the welfare of ordinary Ghanaians and their nation.

They see his type as the sort of politician Ghana ought to have - and his activism as a harbinger of a new kind of Ghanaian politics that might eventually evolve in Ghana.

As a result of Mr. Martin Amidu's moral authority, today, he dwarfs all his contemporaries in the world of Ghanaian politics.

It is that rare quality, his moral authority - most precious of any politician's personal attributes globally - which makes Mr. Martin Amidu the toast of a majority of Ghanaians.

Whatever their party affiliation, ordinary people yearn for someone like him to serve them as Ghana's leader - to finally bring to an end the ongoing brutal gang-rape of Mother Ghana by our nation's educated urban elites.

Indeed, that is why it is not an impossibility that Mr. Martin Amidu's moral authority - in a nation in which corruption is said to be widespread and endemic - might very well put him at the head of a one-nation cross-party coalition, at some point, which will propel him to the presidency: in a landslide victory in the December 2016 presidential election.

Columnist: Kofi Thompson

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