Mills Did Not Win 2008 Elections With A Magic Ring

Thu, 26 May 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Dominic Nitiwul Must Apologise To Him

Most Ghanaians were DECEIVED to believe that the struggle for DEMOCRACY came to an end only when the vicious tribal government of the NPP won the 2000 general elections after walking on the skulls of innocent Ghanaian women to power in January, 2001. Ex – Prez. Kuffour’s NPP government rather behaved as if they have beaten Jerry Rawlings in that general election and behaved as if they have overthrown the NDC government in a military coup de’tat.

The former Chairman of the NPP, Odoi Sykes stood on a political platform and told Ghanaians that if Ghanaians wanted the killing of women to stop – they should vote for the NPP to win the general elections in 2000. Lo and behold, when the NPP won the general elections, no single woman was killed throughout the 8 hellish years that the NPP was in government.

It is therefore a Natural Fact that, it was the then opposition members of the NPP led by Mr. Odoi Sykes who were behind all the killing of the women and NOT ONE BRUCE QUANSAH now languishing in jail.

He was only used as a scape goat by the NPP government to cover up their bloody activities.

NPP members will never hesitate to sleep with MAD WOMEN and ANIMALS in order to win Parliamentary and Presidential Primaries.

When they win elections and form a government, their Ministers will also NOT HESITATE to snatch the wives of unsuspecting Ghanaians with STATE POWER with IMPUNITY. E.G. Mr. Thomas Broni did it during Ex-Prez. Kuffour’s regime from 2001 – 2008.

Therefore, the NPP must give us a BREAK with their shameless dirty politics in Ghana which they started as far back as 1956 to date 2011. We are fed up with them.

The NDC is currently led by Evangelist Atta Mills and he Abhores “voodoo” or “Juju” politics as well as resorting to some imaginary “magical Powers” to win ANY ELECTION in Ghana.

Mr. Dominic Nitiwul must give Ghanaians a break with his Ungodly statements about President Mills. Is that clear? It will be recalled that the NPP buried LIVE cows in several Districts and Regions in order to win the 1996 general elections but lost the elections to Jerry Rawlings, their so – called Common Enemy in Ghana.

The NPP visited hundreds of Shrines with cats, fowls, dogs, cattle, goats and sheep in their Voodoo or Juju practices from 1992 to 1996 in order to eliminate Rawlings but failed and when their back was against the wall, Dr. Nyaho Tamakloe went to the studios of Ghana Broadcasting Company and issued an open threat to Rawlings on National Television – (GTV) and said. “Tell Rawlings that if he wins the 1996 elections, Ghana will be in Flames” No BNI or National Security Official arrested or even invited him for making such a subversive statement. However, in 2004,president Kufour ordered the BNI to invite Jerry Rawlings for calling on NDC members to resort to Positive Defiance in order to vote out the NPP in 2004 general election. He made that statement while addressing the NDC women’s wing in Kumasi.

Therefore if even you HATE PRESIDENT MILLS, do not link him to “Juju magic or Voodoo” Politics because the MAN IS NOT GREEDY or a DICTATOR. The man is so God-fearing that he would have even turned the Castle into a CHURCH if the 1992 Constitution allows him to do so.

It is a fact that Dominic Nitiwul and his NPP members live moral lives and do not need God as their Saviour because they don’t believe in God at all.

If you doubt it, you watch their utterances, their behavior and general life styles where most of them behave like beasts during general elections and they easily kill innocent people in order to win political power – President Mills is NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL. If NPP members Believe in “Juju”, “Magic” and superstitions the NDC does not believe in these imaginary forces at all.

As for NPP members, they can make of their lives without appeal to God because they do not believe that God created them. For them, their moral values exist independently of God, there is nothing Special or Precious about human lives, so all NPP members bearing Christian names including Dominic Nitiwul use those names for nothing, and they go to Church for nothing because their hands are stained with the blood of those 34 innocent women they killed with the full support of a murderous former President of a neighbouring West African Country who has since died and is now in Hell.

By saying that President Mills won the 2008 elections with a “magic” ring he put on his left finger before and during the electioneering process, How different is this Member of Parliament who should have known BETTER from our stark illiterate farmers, truck pushers, mechanics and market women in Ghana? These illiterates are far better than him.

After 54 solid years of Ghana’s Independence in 1957 the thinking pattern of most Ghanaian intellectuals and the average Ghanaian is NOT different from all those Ghanaians who praised the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and later described him as a “Jujuman” Dictator” A “Bastard” among unprintable words after his violent overthrow in a military coup de’tat on 24th February, 1996.

If you people in the opposition NPP believe in “magic” “Juju” and Voodoo” by running to one Fetish Groove” to another, President Mills will never go there but he will win the 2012 general elections without a magic” wand, so Dominic Nitiwul must Apologise to President Mills and bury his thick round Head in shame. “Jaanbie Iwaii”.

Aluta Continua!









Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement