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Fri, 25 Jan 2013 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

.... The President To Speak Before They Act On….

The NDC worked harder than it did in the 2008 general elections for President John Mahama to win hands down to avoid a RUN-OFF after the 7th December elections.

It is a fact that the victory of John Mahama have dazed Nana Akuffo Addo to the extent of confusion and I pray that God gives him long life for him to lose his case at the Supreme Court and then face President Mahama again in 2016 to enable the NDC give him only a ½ touch, because if we give him another ONE TOUCH again, he will collapse and die immediately the results are announced with him getting away with 30% of the total national votes cast and Prez. Mahama winning 68% of the voters in 2016.

Around August or October 2012, this writer predicted that John Mahama’s decmeanour alone will win him the 2012 elections, and it came to pass alright.

The President has started appointing Ministers of state and it is through their able leadership that the Better Ghana Agenda will continue un-abated for Ghanaians to retain the NDC in power in 2016.

Therefore these Ministers of State must not wait at all for the President to speak before they act on the concerns of NDC party foot soldiers who would be calling to see them in their various officers in Accra and the various Regions nationwide. If they should wait until the President advice them to do so, it would mean that those Ministers are NOT UP TO THE TASK and would have put stumbling blocks on the path of the Better Ghana Agenda I am saying this because of past experiences in the 3½ year term of the late Prez. Mills of blessed memory. Here was a God fearing President who meant well for Ghana, but was worn down by sickness until his untimely death. There was a time that he gave instructions to his ministers and they flatly refused to obey his instructions with IMPUNITY – May be they knew in advance that he was about to die and that was why they dis-obeyed him – Gentlemen, Not This Time - is that clear?

It will be recalled that Prez. Mills told Ghanaians that No One Will Buy His Name for GH¢1.00.

All Ministers of State must continue with the former Presidents directive by opening their doors to NDC footsoldiers without waiting for further reminders from Prez. Mahama before doing so. President Mahama is very accessible, so all Ministers must be very accessible too. This is my simple advice and those ministers stand to gain as well as the NDC party if they listen to this advice.

There are times when NDC footsoldiers call on some ministers of state only for these ministers to switch off their cell phones and by so doing, they are always out of COVERAGE AREA, but come general election period, their cell phones are always active 24/7, call them, at 12 midnight and you will get them. Call them at 1a.m – 2a.m – 3a.m and they would be available and listen very attentively to you – why? It is because they want you to do the dirty work, the hard work for them to win. The extreme sacrifice by walking on foot from door to door, amidst unprintable insults and nasty questions like, since 1992, what did you gain from supporting the NDC which you are convincing us to also support and vote for it? Those footsoliders and cadres including this writer who got nothing except Permanent Enemies would then stand like Egyptian mummies scratching our heads for a convincing answer to their sensible and brilliant questions.

I was asked such a question, and as a senior cadre, I had this to say: if you support a political party like the NDC, and you get nothing at all, YOU HAVE YOUR PEACE TO DO YOUR BY DAY WORK because no government can come and put MONEY in every body’s pocket but it rather create employment for you to work and get some money to put into your pockets, more so the NDC Government has started distributing free Laptops for teachers and students in S.H.S and the Universities and it will come down to the J.H.S level, so as for the Free SHS that Nana Akuffo Addo is promising; it is a BIG LIE, it can not be implemented now – some of them asked me to explain why the NPP is deceiving Ghanaians. I put up a question thus: Do you go to toilet free in Ghana? They all answererd in the negative – I then told them that I have answered their question. I got their full support and they started spreading my message – I did not say “All die be die”

With the support of some young university students, I started schooling the people while the students collaborated all what I said about the NDC.

I never said Northerners will fight for their birth right to rule this country if people stand in their way.

However, Jake Obetseby Lamptey the NPP National Chairman who is not an Akan but has backed the tribal battle cry of Nana Akuffo by saying that Akans will fight for their birth right to rule this country if people stand in their way. Now, is politics a battle field? To the tribal War Lords on war path in the NPP – The answer is YES. To the social democrats in the NDC, the answer is capital NO and that was the main reason why Prez. Mahama won in a landside and avoided a RUN – OFF. Dear reader, have you seen the vast difference between the War Lords in the NPP representing the Republican Party in America and the Social Democrats of the NDC which represent the Democrats with Peaceful Obama as the current President of USA? We want Peace in Ghana because Peace is Priceless.

Even though some innocent women in the Kumasi Central Market deserve some few slaps for calling women porters (Kayayei) from Northern Ghana as John Mahamas, I will never call on Northerners to attack Ashanti’s because the NPP from TOP to BOTTOM has no respect for Northerners ONE BIT. Again they have no respect for Ewes and Gas as well since they believe falsely that their TRIBE IS SUPERIOR than other tribes in Ghana and so Ghana is their bonafide property since 1951 to date 2013. This was the main reason why the foul mouthed MP for Assin North, Kennedy Agyepong asked Ashantis to attack Ewes and Gas on his private radio station and even went to the extent of declaring WAR IN GHANA as if he was the President of the Republic of Ghana - how sad. For their information John Mahama is walking for 12 good years as the President of the Republic of Ghana – working for you through the mandate of the good people of Ghana and not through the good people of Ghana and not through the mandate of frustrated criminal bomb throwers in the NPP who can not identify a political disaster when they see one. An implosion is evident in the NPP. Most NPP leaders will drink poison and die when they finally lose their case at the Supreme Court.

It is a fact that the NPP leaders have pitched themselves against the STATE just to ensure that Ghana grinds to a halt. Well, in the midst of confusion and dizziness as it is currently happening in the NPP we must expect some HAWKS to create more confusion since they are 100% sure of an election victory through the Supreme Court. I fear for Dr. Wereko Brobbey as the red eyed fire eating innocent Youth of the NPP will soon call for his blood. Saa Yooo / NPP top gurus.

Before I could leave the people I was convincing to vote for NDC, they wanted to know the reason why I am a cadre who worked with the Rawlingses but does NOT want to support Nana Konadu’s NDP – In reply, I simply told them that the Rawlingses used cadres for 19years and did NOT give cadres even ONE PESEWA each while they rewarded former Minister of State, DCE’s and District Organising Assistants and Regional Organising Assistants of CDRs adding that the Rawlings wanted the NDC to go back to Opposition for them to re-organise the Party – but the NDC could never come back to power if it had lose in 2012 because Nana Akuffo Addo would have used the OIL MONEY to corrupt the Judiciary, the Military, the Civil Service, the Police and Ghana would have become a laughing stock once more so, they must all vote massively for JDM and the NDC in 2012 and I carried a similar message to every house and everywhere I went since 2011 until the NDC won the One Touch Gargantuan Victory. The next day – Nana Konadu. Asked Ghanaians To KICK OUT THE NDC – a Daily Guide story. I carried the paper and showed it to the people and they said that NANA KONADU IS NOT GOD and rather went on to KICK IN THE NDC so Madam Iron Lady what are you saying? Are these Minster of State listening. I shall return when the need arise. “Jaanbie Iwaii” Aluta Continua!


Clement Sangaparee

Municipal Organiser

United Cadres Front



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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement