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Mr Know it all Kwame A-Plus takes NPP government to the cleaners over a ceremony in honour of George Floyd

A Plus Akufo Addo Social commentator, A-Plus

Sat, 6 Jun 2020 Source: Rockson Adofo

Mr Kwame Obeng Asare, alias A-Plus, has questioned the intelligence of President Nana Akufo-Addo’s NPP government over their ceremony held in remembrance and honour of the callously murdered African-American Mr George Floyd by four White American coppers in the city of Minneapolis, USA, on 25 May 2020.

He claims it is hypocritical, irresponsible and short-sighted on the part of the government to invest time and money to honour a foreigner instead of remembering Ghanaians that have sadly been killed through lorry accidents, kidnappings and police brutalities on the soil of Ghana.

His bitterly castigating effusions could be seen in the weblink below. The ceremony was organised by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture. The Ghana Tourism Authority, Office of Diaspora Affairs (Office of the President) and The Diaspora African Forum, on Friday, 5 June 2020 from 08:30 hours Ghana time.

He cites the seventy Ghanaians killed in a motor accident on the Kintampo-Tamale road, seven Zongo boys mistakenly killed by the police in the Ashanti region assuming they were armed robbers, Adenta police brutalities and the four kidnapped and killed Takoradi girls to justify his accusations levelled against the government.

He may be right to some extent as far as his little warped mind could carry him. He sees and reasons as far as the tip of his nose but not beyond. In order not to spend any precious time arguing with, or trying to educate a blockhead, let me ask him the following questions at the end of which he will know where he stands and the level of his intelligence if he has any at all.

1. Why are so many countries and people in the world expressing their bitterness at the death of George Floyd and extending their condolences to his bereaved family? Had there not been many people dead in such various countries but they had not earned that level of public sympathy? Are those governments and people angered at the murder of George Floyd unintelligent?

2. Is the worldwide outpour of public sympathy for, and condemnation of, George Floyd’s murder, not directed at stopping the inhumane racist treatment of the African-Americans and by extension the people of colour living in the United States and other parts of the whiteman’s land?

3. Is there anything wrong with taking bold, conspicuous and lawful actions by governments, organisations and people to signal to the White racist policemen and women in America that their systemic killing of black people in America is criminal, shameful and has been exposed worldwide to the anger of discerning people?

4. Will it not shame the American leaders and their racist White supremacist police force when George Floyd is martyred through the way governments and people are reacting to his painful death where the racist white police denied him his pleas for breath?

5. Are there not Ghanaian natives of the black colour that is hated by the White supremacist policemen and women living in America? Do they not risk being murdered the same way as happened to George Floyd? If there are, then is there anything wrong for the Ghanaian government to take an action that will go a long way to save the lives of Ghanaians in America if the worldwide outpouring of anger at the cruel murder of George Floyd is able to compel the American authorities to enact laws to stop their law enforcement agents’ racist behaviour towards people of colour?

6. Is Kwame A-Plus happy when part of the Western countries’ taxpayers’ money is sent to African countries, especially Ghana, to help us because we are poor and need the provision of certain basic amenities?

7. Does Kwame A-Plus know that there are some rough-sleepers, thus homeless persons, living in the streets of America and the European countries who need to be catered for yet their governments send money to Africans?

8. Does Kwame A-Plus, whether he has lived abroad before or not, see the monetary and other material assistance to Ghana from American and European governments as silly on their part because they had better spend it on their rough-sleepers instead of on Africans? Does he understand the reason behind their kind gesture and know how far that will go not only to help the recipient but the donor?

I hope Kwame A-Plus will put on his thinking cap, and think outside the box before he goes out on his “Akurase taaman” cum NDC political crusade. Discerning people are seeing him as a nonentity but in his myopic mind-set, he is “Mr Know All” applauded and given standing ovation in Ghana.

He cannot blame the government of an error of judgment in what it has done as it will go a long way to save the lives of black people living in America and other whiteman’s countries. The bad publicity of our good gestures will give to America will yield positive results for our fellow black people living in America among whom are Ghanaian natives. It will force the hands of the American State Governments to enact laws to curtail, if not eliminate, racist white police brutalities against black people in America.

To conclude, Kwame A-Plus must try to be a critical thinker to stop acting on the spur of the moment to always display his naivety, ignorance and typical Ghanaian political fanaticism in his aspiration to selfishly quench the pangs of his stomach.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo