Mr. President, stop Lands Commission's land stealing and document forgery syndicate

Mon, 2 Mar 2020 Source: Dr. Benjamin Hussey

Dear Mr. President Nana Akufo-Addo,

Your chances of doing right by the people of Ghana in providing a safe environment where Ghanaians can do business and foreign investors can See Ghana as attractive is being undermined by a callous group of selfish state appointees and their collaborators in the Ghana Police Service and elsewhere.

Mr. President, there is a land stealing and document forgery syndicate operating from the lands commission which is working with Nigerian criminal gangs and the Ghana Police Service to steal land and forge documents belonging to chiefs, genuine landowners and property developers.

Mr. President, thousands of cases in the courts involving land disputes are caused by this syndicate. The syndicate involves all the board members of lands commission headed by Mr. Steven Ntim, Mr. Sulemana Mahama the Executive Secretary, Paul Jaldi also known as Paul Ajade,a lands officer who is the main organizer and facilitator for forgery documents in Greater Accra, Madam Yaa Boadi, Lands Registration Division, Nicolas Adade Tweneboa Head of Legal Services, Maxwell Adu Nsafoa, Greater Accra Regional Lands Officer, Mr. Aboagye Kyei Director of Survey and Mapping Division, Mr. Eric Okantey, Greater Accra Regional Surveyor, Mr. Justice De Veer, Director of the Public And Vested Land Management Division and officers working with indenture [preparation at the commission.

Mr. President, these officials and their collaborators in the Ghana Police Service especially the Greater Accra Regional Commander and his officers at Adenta Police Station, Ayi Mensah Police Station, Oyibi Police station, East Legon Police station and the property fraud division at Police Headquarters are deeply involved in the usage of land guards and Nigerian criminals in grabbing lands all over Accra, forging and backdating the documents. They then resell these lands to real estate developers who end up in court with the original owners and chiefs.

Mr. President, these state saboteurs have recruited land guards and use one Angelo Adiukere , a Nigerian National who has been financing all the land guards in Greater Accra and paying them 1500 Ghana cedis a month to protect lands that are seized by the Greater Accras Anti Land guard unit from the Ghana Police Service. Angelo Adukere also runs a Nigerian land stealing and acquisition syndicate using hardened Nigerian and Benin boys who have fled criminal justice and have found refuge in Ghana in Kpone Katamanso with Nii Laryea Afotey Agbo the former Member of Parliament and Assistant Superintendent of Police Karim who is an aide to the Minister of Interior Ambrose Dery.

Mr President all this is known to your IGP and your security capos but since they are also interested in getting their hands on prime lands and properties from this syndicate they all keep quiet while your government slowly collapses and public confidence in you is eroded.

Mr. President, take action and clean up the lands commission to avoid a future bloodbath and a national catastrophe.

Thank you

Dr. Benjamin Hussey

La Traditional Council

La Accra

Columnist: Dr. Benjamin Hussey