My passionate appeal to Charlotte Osei

Charlotte Osei EC Boss Wears Pink Accessories Mrs Charlotte Osei, Electoral Commissioner

Mon, 7 Nov 2016 Source: Bombande, Emmanuel

Good day folks,I bring you greetings from my hideout in the savannah belt where the "baobab trees" have started putting on dusty coats of brown. The birds have began keeping mute in the sky,and the whole World seems to be panting under the live vibrating heat.

Folks,today's episode is directed to the electoral commission, specifically the chairperson(Charlotte Osei).I am not a soothsayer but from where I am sited,I can foresee Charlotte Osei planting the seed of 'blood fleud' in the country.

I have chosen to play the role of Jesus Christ by taken it upon myself to remind the "flibbertigibbet" that,the dignity of humanity is no longer measured by what is,or by what one does but instead, by what one owns.It is in light of this,we Ghanaians shall continue to gloat as being recognized as the beacon of democracy in Africa and for that matter West Africa.

"Masons ought to stick to the building of walls and leave the diagnosis, prevention and conditions of the oral cavity to the surgeons".That is the right way to build a nation but fortunately or unfortunately, our country is one where even the blacksmith's apprentice deems himself fit to deliver a public lecture at university of Ghana's school of law.That is exactly what Charlotte Osei is doing.

A vague scent of life and green vegetation diffused into the atmosphere when she was appointed. We thought that she was going to correct the anomalies Dr. Afari Gyan left uncorrected. Unfortunately she has chosen to follow the footsteps of the "babies with sharp teeth".Today,the mettle and the commitment of the chairperson has been tested and it's quite obvious that she has fallen flat on her back.

Madam chairperson of the electoral commission, my passionate appeal to you is to be alert and not allow yourself to be fooled by the so called "power from above".Ghana will remain Ghana after 7th December 2016 but your "image" will chase you into your grave.

If you constantly cry wolf when you see a cat,people will always take you for what you used to be,the day the real wolf visits.

Comrades,I wanted to go Accra but for some reasons best known to myself, I have decided to alight at Suhum.

I shall return.

Columnist: Bombande, Emmanuel