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My unconditional love for Ghana

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Fri, 22 Dec 2017 Source: Nico van Staalduinen

All my articles are about or related to Ghana and my living in Ghana.

Many of my articles are about what is wrong with Ghana and the way we live, run schools , our education system, our businesses, free and fair trade, discrimination, security, politics and cultural background and all other day to day subjects related to Ghana.

All my friends know, and I hope many others also, that despite the things I write about my imperfect Ghana, they never reduce my personal believe in the country I consider my country more than any other country in the world; Ghana.

I am a Liberal, and support liberal political thinking, left or right side of the political arena. I am an involved Ghanaian and am, because of that never a-political. Just like any other, involved person, I have my personal preference, but I try to write and criticize politics and politicians fairly as long as they stick to my Liberal standards.

To me Democracy is not the only way to express liberalism.

Genuine liberalism is Freedom of choice and Freedom of speech and many other things. These are, to me, more important than being able to express my freedom to vote every four years, and they are reasons why I love Ghana and the freedom of Ghanaians in general.

Freedom is the highest good in the world, and sometimes when you look/ listen around you wonder how many of (a quote our former President Attah-Mills) my brothers and sisters are aware of that?

Politics and politicians using insults and envy are often hiding our actual free spirits and general freedom.

What the general Ghanaian public doesn’t know is that many of these politicians, insulting each other in parliament and in the press are friends behind the political screens who often meet each other at all kinds of events, weddings and funerals and behave completely different and even polite. I wish they can behave like that in parliament.

I feel at home in Ghana and wish and hope to grow old in my (imperfect) Ghana, Although I wish that we could change certain things to develop faster and better than other economies and countries in the world. But on the other hand a good friend of mine, Eric Don Arthur once told me: "If Ghana would change into a perfect world you would probably move to another country", maybe Eric is right.

One of the reasons I love my country Ghana is that during my extensive traveling and living in several countries around the world I have been able to compare the life and lifestyle of these countries to Ghana, which guided my choice for Ghana.

Some of my friends know that my opinion on what I think about Ghana and living in Ghana is not built upon sunshine and happiness only, I went through things and events I wouldn’t even wish upon my enemies, but the outcome is well known. I sincerely wish that every Ghanaian could enjoy that experience of traveling and living abroad and broaden his/her view on our society because of that, but I am sure and confident that from that moment on each of them would come to the same conclusion:

Ghana is the (or at least one of the) best countries in the world to live in.

I wish all Ghanaians, all around the world a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and will be back with my (critical) articles next year.

Columnist: Nico van Staalduinen