My visit to the Synagogue Church of All Nations.

Mon, 11 Nov 2013 Source: Allotey, Henry Kpakpo

Final Part

This is the concluding part of my story when I paid a visit to the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN). So far, it has all been smooth sailing and I haven’t had any regrets. When I was going to bed on Monday evening with my flight schedule for Tuesday morning I had still not met the man of God. As usual I felt a bit anxious because as a Guest of the man of God there was no way I could leave without seeing him. My enquiries shows that he will definitely see me if he invited me. I wouldn’t say I had too much of a sound sleep on Monday night because I was so anxious to see him.

I went through the night and Tuesday morning and I hadn’t still seen him. Then I heard a knock on my door and the protocol people came in to see me to the airport. I quickly informed them I haven’t seen the man of God and boy did they spring into action! They quickly rendered a profuse apology and told me there was a mix up somewhere. Calls were made and soon I was informed I couldn’t leave without seeing the man of God. They urged me to accept a rescheduling of my flight to the evening in order to enable me see the Man of God. I acquiesced to their request as the reason why I was there is to see the man of God.

Soon the Man of God was briefed of what has happened and he further informed his protocol officers to reschedule my flight again to Wednesday morning as there was one important spiritual assignment I hadn’t undertaken: A visit to the prayer mountain of the Synagogue Church of All Nations! I then recognized God’s hand in all these happenings. I have been informed of how uplifting a visit to the prayer mountain of the Church is but I would have missed this spiritual journey if I had left on Tuesday. I wholeheartedly agreed to visit the prayer mountain and I was glad I did.

The Prayer Mountain of the SCOAN was indeed breathtaking. Even though construction was still going on, the serenity and peace that the prayer center offers is nothing compared to anywhere I have been. Built around a serene lake, soothing Christian melodious tunes playing at the background, I agreed wholeheartedly as to why it is called a prayer mountain. My guide took me round the place and explains everything that was going on at the mountain. I was profoundly humbled when he showed me the place that Prophet TB Joshua started his ministry. God has really lifted Prophet T.B Joshua! It was such a humble beginning when he started and now it has indeed become The Synagogue Church of All Nations! God truly rewards those who exhibit humility! Prophet T.B Joshua has truly been blessed!

I did my own bit of prayers and meditation. I asked God for forgiveness of my sins and prayed for a satisfaction of my needs. I also meditated on my past doings and resolved to right the wrong I have done in my life. Soon it was time to leave the mountain to the SCOAN and I couldn’t help but to thank God for the opportunity offered me to seek the face of God. I was then informed the Man of God will see me later in the evening which cheered me up.

Around 10:30pm I was informed the Man of God is now ready to see me so I was escorted downstairs to meet him. I still had to wait for a while because so many visitors were being attended to. My turn soon came and I was ushered into his office. Boy was I shocked! I was expecting to be ushered into an ostentatious office with all the decking befitting his stature as an internationally acclaimed Man of God but true to his modest and humble character, his office was modest with minimal furnishings.

He greeted me warmly and asked me to tell him about myself. He was meek, down to earth and made me feel at ease. I couldn’t help but notice his special interest in Ghana as he asked me a lot of questions bordering on happenings in Ghana. He offered his opinion and listened to me as I fed him on happenings in the political terrain. He had a good sense of humor and even made me laugh on some of his sayings. Finally he said his goodbye and gave me some spiritual gifts to send home. I was given some anointed water, books and CDs of his teachings which were invaluable! I greatly thanked him for the opportunity offered for the visit and promised to return to give my testimony which I knew wouldn’t be long. I retired to my bedroom and by 7:15 the next day I was on a flight to Ghana. That was the end of my stay at the Synagogue Church of All Nations!

Many people will ask the need of why I have enumerated all these stories when I visited the SCOAN. Some even said I am doing PR work for Prophet T.B Joshua. To such people, I say read Luke 8:16 which says ("No one lights a lamp and hides it in a clay jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, they put it on a stand, so that those who come in can see the light.) You hear that? When I see the light, it will be sinful for me to hide it but I need to proclaim it for the whole world to know. Jesus Christ also commanded his disciples to go out there and proclaim the good news to everybody in the world. He never told them to hide the message but to expose it for unbelievers to also come into his grace.

The greatest reason why I decided to write about my journey to the SCOAN can be found at Mathew 10: 32, 33 which states ("Therefore everyone who confesses me before men, I will also confess him before My Father who is in heaven. “But whoever denies me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven.) Yes, I have seen the great works being performed by Prophet TB Joshua on behalf of our savior Jesus Christ. I have seen hope being offered the hopeless, help being extended to the destitute and unbelievers accepting Christ through the sermons of Prophet TB Joshua. How can I deny him before men by writing falsehoods or keeping the good testimony to myself? Never will I do that! I will continue to bear testimonies to the good works being performed by God through the SCOAN. I will continue to write about the good things my eyes have seen. I will continue to acknowledge Prophet T.B Joshua as a True Man of God because I have seen enough evidence to convince me and my conscience also accepts it.

Before I went to the SCOAN, I believed Prophet T.B Joshua is a True Man of God. After my visit to the SCOAN, I declare to the whole world that indeed Prophet T.B Joshua is still, a True Man of God!

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Columnist: Allotey, Henry Kpakpo