Mystery Surrounding Pink Sheet Numbers Finally Broken

Thu, 4 Jul 2013 Source: Jackson, Margaret

By Margaret Jackson

July 2, 2013

The mystery surrounding the true or actual number of unique pink sheets submitted by the NPP to buttress their challenge to the 2012 Presidential Election results at the Supreme Court (SC) has finally been broken.

It happened when Mr James Quarshie-Idun and Mr Tsatsu Tsikata, Counsels for the Electoral Commission the NDC respectively, cross-examined Nii Amanor Dodoo, the KPMG official during the resumed sitting of the SC on Tuesday July 2.

Perhaps if a pin had dropped at the courthouse nobody would have missed it, as Nii Amanor stated more than twice that the unique pink sheets submitted by the NPP to the SC were only 8,675 and not 11,842 or 13,926 as the NPP have relentlessly stated over and over again.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a huge problem on hand, and that is, the NPP have lied to the SC and Ghanaians. All their tough talk about submitting 11,842 pink sheets fell flat when the KPMG official exposed NPP’s lies behind the number of pink sheets submitted. This is indeed a huge vindication to the respondents who have battled the NPP relentlessly that their number of pink sheets submitted does not add up.

Tuesday July 2 was indeed a day of numbers as the NPP was again seen reeling under pressure as the KPMG official confirmed to the SC that 23 pink sheets submitted by the NPP contained the same polling station code. Can you imagine that the NPP submitted one pink sheet 23 times (Treviguple)? Who the NPP were trying to deceive or fool, only God knows. But thank God they have been exposed during the audit by the KPMG.

In another instance, the NPP used another pink sheet 15 times (Quindecuple) and another pink sheet 10 times (Decuple).

But wait for the “Mother of All Lies” as the KPMG revealed that the dupes that the NPP boxed together amounted to over 6,000, therefore, the SC should deal with only 8,675 pink sheets.

This perhaps will be the last straw that has broken through the lies of the NPP. The KPMG report has indeed exposed the NPP and all their bogus allegations which they have trumped up in an attempt to steal the elections which they could not win through the ballot box.

One could tell from the way Philip Addison, NPP’s lead Counsel cross-examined the KPMG official for two days that he was very unhappy with the contents of the report. We wait to see how the NPP spokesperson, Gloria Akuffo will spin the information around. This woman has been lying all along since the petition hearing started, and I will weigh what she says on the pink sheet exposure very carefully.

The exposure of the NPP concerning the pink sheet audit makes the whole case a none-starter. It seriously calls into question the moral grounds of the case. This is a high profile case with no precedent; otherwise this case would have been thrown away on technical grounds, because the lies and unpreparedness of the petitioners is too telling.

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Columnist: Jackson, Margaret