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NDC Propagandist Unmasked

By Kwadwo Poku

For the past couple of months a columnist by name Margaret Jackson has erupted from no where and have been a propagandist for the Mills led NDC on this forum. She has been doing so not by touting the achievements of the administration ( which are non-existent ), but by using falsehoods to tarnish the reputations of critics who will not be denied of their democratic rights by raising Cain about the pressing needs of our country.

In a healthy democracy, this journalistic malfeasant is fair game but you see, the problem here is that the columnist is not who she claims to be. The so called Margaret Jackson is in reality, Emmanuel Dela Cofie, (the communications director for FONKAR). Frequent forumers will recall the prep up to the NDC congress in sunyani last year which brought about a bitter contest for the NDC flagbearership between Nana Konadu and Mills, in which devotees of the Rawlingses pillaged the presidency of Mills on behalf of Konadu, and Emmanuel Dela Cofie was one of them. He used his cyber technology 'savvyness' in decimating Mills on behalf of the Rawlingses as a paid staffer for FONKAR by dishing out a plethora of articles pointing out the failed policies of Mills which astute contributors to this forum already knew.

After the futile efforts to unseat Mills at the congress, Dela Cofie towards the end of last year tried making an about face by pleading to Ghanaians not to relegate the NDC to oblivion by coming up with a couple of write ups, replete with falsehoods against the opposition but laced with flights of fancies favorable to Mills. But you see, the pillaging of the structures that held Mills presidency were beyond repairs under the Emmanuel Dela Cofie name brand. As a result, readers were dismissive of his articles. So what was he to do?

Another reason of great import as to why the name Emmanuel Dela Cofie became malodorous and subsequently transmogrifying to the adaptation of the Margaret Jackson pseudo name, is the fact that Emmanuel Dela Cofie the person, continues to eat from the behinds of the Rawlingses and therefore can't be seen in the Mills camp due to the feud between the Rawlingses and Mills. Should that happen there will be an immediate cessation of monthly stipends that serves as his subsistence.

What amazes me no end, is the fact that a seeming intelligent guy like Dela Cofie who now is an apologist for Mills under the guise Margaret Jackson will portray himself as an amiable dunce on this forum for political gain. How sad? So you see, Emmanuel Dela Cofie can run but can't hide. No one expects him to stop writing under the Margaret Jackson pseudo name after this revelation but at least he should have the stones to put his money where his mouth is by sticking to his name. After all being a propagandist for a political party by using falsehoods in damaging the opposition is woven in the fabric of democracy.

The humongous question I have for this body mass of human debris who seems to be immune to shame is that; If Mills was bad news under the name Emmanuel Dela Cofie, what transpired for him to be the man suited to lead the nation come 2012 under the guise Margaret Jackson? In the words of the real Margaret Jackson (the Communications Director for FONKAR Emmanuel Dela Cofie), we shall be back.

Kwadwo Poku N Y

Columnist: Poku, Kwadwo

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