NDC/Rawlings/Mills/Mahama are Ghana's greatest negatives

Sat, 20 Apr 2013 Source: Yawose, John

The damage which NDC's triumvirate comprising John Rawlings, John Mills and John Mahama have visited on Ghana is incalculably massive in their combined 24-years of misrule. Several instances are shown hereunder to highlight the societal negatives and off-puttings associated with them:-

They have frustrated SSSS.

Just because they didn’t understand the nitty-gritty of the scheme, a cornerstone in NPP recent manifestoes, NDC as the governing party used the SSSS implementation for political purposes. They started with very fat salaries for the military (who are not useful to our society now) in the name of security and that has triggered industrial strikes with agitations from the doctors, engineers, university lecturers, teachers and other professionals who want to be at par. How can young military officers get Gh¢ 5000 and Gh¢ 6000 plus a month and Mahama/NDC just expect experienced professionals to be content with Gh¢ 2000 and Gh¢ 2500 a month? No way!

They have frustrated National Identification Exercise started by J.A .Kufuor.:

They are still wobbling and waggling with the implementation of National ID since the last 5 years just because they know their electoral fortunes will dip if the exercise succeeds. As a result serious operations like bank transactions, police spot fines, tax collections, loan acquisitions, guaranty, robbers identification etc, are never smooth in Ghana.

They have frustrated SADA:.

Just because they didn’t understand the nitty-gitty of the Savanna Accelerated Development Agency (SADA) scheme in the Northern Region, they used the implementation for political purposes and as money-siphoning avenue for several millions of cedis. The Northern MPs must bow their heads in shame for allowing NDC to rape their kith and kin using SADA as a free and uncontrolled money-siphoning avenue. Do these MPs share in the plight of their kith and kin at all? Very shameful. Very dishonourable.

They have frustrated the dualization of Accra-Kumasi road already started: The most economically important road in the country (considering traffic levels) is under gargantuan distress against scientific and developmental economics reasons under this wayward Mills/Mahama government. Just because Kumasi will be too important - (in their satanic envious minds)- so they rather prioritize Tema-Akosombo-Asikuma-Hohoe-Bimbilla-Yendi Road--an idea ensconced in deepseated ethnocentricism and tribalism. This is a national economic shame. Similarly they are frustrating development of Kumasi airport in favour of Tamale airport which does not come near Kumasi airport in terms of economic air traffic. At the time of writing however, I am told a $300m facility has been procured for the revamping of the airport. Howbeit, their dilly dally attitude on this project has been costly, reprehensible and unwarranted.

They have frustrated NHIS.: From the very beginning of the exercise, they discouraged Ghanaians not to register so that Kufuor/NPP image is not boosted although they knew the scheme was very beneficial to everybody including the ordinary man. Poor people are suffering as a result of that wicked deception. Although people are registering now, shocks from the initial setback they created are still a social bug in the system.

They opposed reforms in Ghana democracy and transparency in elections:. They opposed pictures on voter’s card, Diaspora voting, use of transparent ballot box, Biometric register. They still wanted to perpetuate suppression, fascism and communist mentality in Ghana. Fortunately the progressive forces led by NPP won.

They have frustrated the implementation of free SHS in Ghana from September 2013.: Poor Ghanaians are bound to suffer as a result of this great Mills/Mahama deceitful conduct--that free SHS is not possible. Meanwhile they are using our oil monies and scarce public resources in frivolous and profligate ventures like junketing to Israel to pray, planting trees in the Northern Region in the dry season, sending unruly party footsoldiers to watch football matches in South Africa etc

They frustrated the idea of live tv broadcast of the landmark election petition case.: Thank God, the Supreme Court has seen reason and granted the live broadcast to bring the citizens closer to the trial and achieve transparency in the process. NDC wanted proceedings to be open to a small group of propagandists who would in turn give spin to the proceedings. Now everybody will have the opportunity to see and hear the courtroom proceedings filifili. What was the point of NDC objection to this forward looking technology at all? All of a sudden sycophantic NDC press and party hacks have turned round to hail the idea.

Dear Reader, judge for yourself which of the parties, NDCand NPP, are doing the greatest damage to Ghana’s progress. Their grip on power is merely propped by the exploitation of of deepseated Anti-Ashanti sentiments amongst the minority tribes. They mischievously do things to let the other tribes feel Ashantis who are mostly with NPP dont like them and that they will rather be safe under NDC.

Rawlings/ Mahama/NDC get the power all right. However, they rule in unscientific, by- force, bugabuga, takashie fashion unleashing jealousy, envy, divisiveness and sheer vindictiveness in several forms. Of course they are just visionless and incapable wallowing in deceit , gross mismanagement, wanton dissipation of scarce public funds and abject stagnation in their combined 24 years of misrule since 1979. They will be exposed day in day out. Posterity will really doff hats to NPP for their forward looking thoughts based on decency, rule of law and scientific approach to management and governance. . John Yawose

Columnist: Yawose, John