NDC Regional Chairmen Must Stop Deceiving The President.

Fri, 5 Nov 2010 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

The 10 Regional Chairmen of the NDC have been trooping to the office of the President at the Castle to pledge their unflinching support for him and then deceive him that ALL IS WELL in the various Constituencies nationwide while the party has been DIVIDED and is BOILING daily because of injustice and is on the verge of EXPLODING. Are you able to resolve these numerous complaints and grievances sent to you in petition forms by aggrieved supporters in the constituencies in your various Regions? Do you think you alone can vote for the President to win the 2012 general elections? Why won’t you tell the President that most of his MCE’s, DCE’s and even ministers of state led by some greedy constituency executives have erected a GREAT WALL in the party which divided the party into two since they call themselves the MILLS BOYS from the Castle and those who are blocked behind the wall are called the Rawlings boys from an IMAGINARY WHITE HOUSE who will get nothing from the party we suffered to establish since 1992 and so from the constituency level through the Regions, up to the ministries right up to the Castle, their infamous slogan is “WONYA HWEE, WOYE RAWLINGS BOY” to wit: you are a Rawlings Boy, you won’t get ANYTHING throughout the country after Dr. Spio Garbrah described the Mills Appointees as “Team B” players. Now who made Mills what he is today? Was it not Rawlings? Didn’t Rawlings dump several cadres into military guardrooms and BNI cells when they protested through the Reform Movement in 1999 because of Mills? Today, he is being described as a “Toothless Bull Dog” a social outcast together with his cadres including this writer isn’t it? You people refuse to solve the problems and claim that all is well – who told you so? Why didn’t you stop Rawlings and his cadres from campaigning for Mills in 2008 and 2009? Who is destroying the NDC party today? Are they NOT some appointees of the President who are tagging so many cadres as Rawlings boys who will NOT get anything from the government. If the cadres go back to the people and announce the behavior of the Mills’ appointees to them – they will also REPLY the president by also telling him that “WONSO NYE HWEE” to wit; you too will not get anything like votes from us. People are wicked and greedy – Meanwhile it is not the fault of the sitting president who is very honest and patriotic as well as his vice president, why are the 10 Regional Chairmen hiding the truth from the President? Nobody also hate the President. Cadres campaigned for him and will do so in 2012. They must come out and explain to the good people of Ghana and the millions of NDC supporters nationwide ALL is not well at the grassroots. After going round the country and hearing all these bitter complains Rawlings will shout “who Born Dog” Greedy Bastards this couldn’t happen during my administration. “Mills is a Konongo Kaya” – “Mills takes one step forward and takes two steps backwards” etc. Can these utterances solve the problems of millions of your supporters? No, when that happens, those who erected the fence wall against the so-called Rawlings Boys will further reinforce it with BARBED WIRE WITH SHARP RAZOR BLADES and a fully armed police and military men to guard them while THEY DO THEIR OWN THING because the enemies within the NDC are threatening to come to them. Are the 10 Regional Chairmen NOT aware of all these nasty state of affairs and continue to play the ostrich by beating the side of the drum instead of the face of the drum in order to deceive the president, when they go to the Castle to meet him?

Rushing to the Castle once in a while to pledge your support for the President does not solve the problems of the country because the Regional Chairmen themselves are rather part of the problem instead of being part of the solution. So, many constituency executive members completely disrespected the party’s Constitution and RATHER IMPOSED THEMSELVES ON THE PEOPLE during the various constituency elections conducted last year, and some Regional chairmen went ahead and swore them in as credible constituency executives to the annoyance of all those who contested those elections. Therefore most constituencies are now awash with hate, suspicions, Apathy, confusion, nepotism, mistrust and all the negative things one can think of in this country. Why didn’t you tell the President about the TRUE SITUATION at the grassroots and you decide to play the ostrich? Am I lying? Cadres went to hell with Rawlings and back from June 4 and 31st December Revolution, so we don’t fear death anymore because we are trained to speak the TRUTH, no matter whose ox is gored and damn the consequences. Nobody can intimidate, harass or drive away any cadre from the NDC party.

NO CADRE WILL MOVE AN INCH AWAY FROM THE NDC PARTY AND IF YOU HATE RAWLINGS AND HIS WIFE – SIMPLY LEAVE THE NDC AND FORM YOUR OWN POLITICAL PARTY because they have a large Constituency full of millions of party supporters nationwide who always vote for the party because of them. Some people who are not even qualified to polish the shoes of Rawlings and his wife in this country are rather insulting them all in the name of democracy. They will hear from cadres very soon.

A Better Stomach Agenda is now being practiced openly throughout the various constituencies nationwide by most constituency executives Alone and these Regional chairmen are fully aware of that – why didn’t they tell the President? How serious are they really implementing the Better Ghana Agenda in the country and if they fail to do it, can they ever blame President Mills? When their backs are pushed to the walls in the various constituencies, they turn round to blame innocent cadres THEY HAVE SIDELINED with greed since 2009 but they lie bad. From 1982 – 2006, J. J. Rawlings projected NONENTITIES to fame, but in 2010, they are his worst enemies who will drink their heads off If he unfortunately dies suddenly. Such people now think that they are more important, more powerful and more knowledgeable than Rawlings today, and this is how ungrateful the Ghanaian can be. These are not my words but Who The Cap Fits, Let Him Wear It.

If your penis is bigger than your thigh, it is a GREAT SICKNESS and NOT that you are a GREAT MAN. So goes a Ghanaian proverb. These Regional chairmen can not identify a political disaster when they see one because of their actions and in-actions and the way they behave generally.

As for Rawlings, he has over broaden his horizon with that Accra thing, and that June 4 revolutionary thing and that popular nonsense thing, he should come to Obuasi so that I teach him the underground thing and further take him to the North and teach him the Savannah thing to enable him stop being angry at once which solves no problem except dropping of a LOUD BOOM”. There is nothing divisive about speaking the truth at all. In fact very strange things are happening in the party. Well, we live to see.

Aluta Continua

Clement Sangaparee

Municipal Organizer

United Cadres Front

C/O Box 32, Obuasi

E-mail: clementsang@yahoo.com


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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement