NDC Supporters Must Celebrate In Full

Fri, 21 Dec 2012 Source: Jackson, Margaret

By Margaret Jackson

December 20, 2012

Let the bells toll. Let the people shout for joy. Let the NDC supporters rejoice because God has conquered their enemies and Satan. Therefore, there is nothing else to fear. The NDC supporters have every cause to toll the bells, shout for joy and rejoice in the Lord.

The NDC won the 2012 elections hands down. Apart from winning the presidential election they also got the majority in parliament. But the most heart-warming news was the fact that the NDC worked so hard for President Mahama to win a one-touch victory to avoid a run-off.

But the NDC jubilations were transitory. The NPP folks, who were so sure of winning the elections without any campaign message apart from promising a free Senior High School education, showed Ghanaians their true character traits when they unleashed terror on some innocent NDC supporters and even journalists who were on the beat.

Apart from four NDC jubilating supporters being ran over and killed by an angry NPP supporter, two others were stabbed with one dying instantly whilst the other is still in the hospital. Others were beaten severely with some vehicles belonging to some press houses including Joy TV and Metro TV vandalized by NPP supporters who decided to take the laws into their own hands to cause mischief. The result is the creation of fear and panic among the Ghanaian populace in most parts of the country. These barbaric acts by NPP supporters have severely jolted the victory celebrations earmarked by the NDC. But after disturbing the peace of the country through these violent acts, these same NPP supporters have turned round to accuse the NDC of not being able to celebrate their victory in the polls because they did something uncanny to ensure their victory in the polls. The NDC won the elections; therefore, they must come out and celebrate. They have every cause to be happy with what they did by campaigning relentlessly to sell their vision to voters. Ghanaians, also saw the good things that the NDC did within the last four years, thus voting for the NDC to retain power. There is nothing to fear by the NDC supporters. The terror unleashed by the NPP supporters was meant to cow them, but since God gave the NDC that great victory, they have to come out in droves and celebrate. This is their time, and this is their moment. Therefore, they must glow in it.

No weapon raised against the NDC supporters shall prosper. As we approach Christmas, we must all be thankful to the Lord for sustaining this country thus far and go all out and rejoice in the Lord. Those who stated that the battle is the Lord’s must accept the fact that the battle indeed had been fought by the Lord and that He was the one who gave the NDC the victory.



Columnist: Jackson, Margaret