Are the State Prosecutors on Woyome Case Serious at all?

Wed, 13 Feb 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

I have been trying my hardest, bearing in mind the New Year resolution I made, coupled with the incessant pressure on me by my younger brother to stay decorous in my write-ups and discourses, but I still keep failing. I keep failing immensely because of the disgusting attitudes of certain people purporting to underestimate the intelligence of Ghanaians and or, needlessly taxing our patience.

I often do not suffer such lowlifes awash in typical anti-development, corruption-induced Ghanaian mindedness. I love coming down hard on them, exposing their intellectual hollowness, deceitfulness and how by their attitudes and actions, they make big fool of themselves in the eyes of discerning Ghanaians and the whole world.

However, I have taken the advice to avoid insults to remain in the circle of intellectual discourse to make my write-ups appealing to many more people. Had it not been that, I would have taken the prosecutors involved in the Woyome case to the cleaners long ago to wash them spotless with liquid breach.

What are the prosecutors telling Ghanaians, always singing their discordant national anthem of "we could not produce the intended witness?" On Tuesday, 12th February 2013, when the court called the case for hearing after numerous doubtful adjournments, the State prosecutors sang the same national anthem; "We ask for the postponement of the case because we cannot produce the intended witness who is out of the jurisdiction of the country" I find their argument very unreasonable. Who is this said witness who never is available?

Do we not have the former Chief of Staff (Hon. Kwadwo Mpiani), who should know better and have all documentations relating to whether or not Alfred Agbesi Woyome did sign a contract with the government, the breach of which, has incurred such gargantuan judgment debt payment of GHC51.2 million to Ghana? What about Hon. Osafo Marfo, then Sports Minister who may tell whether or not such a contract existed between Woyome and the government before the State broke it shortly afterwards?

The prosecutors should not seek to annoy me by their childish dillydallying antics. They should understand that numerous intelligent people are watching them from afar. My superior White legal minds are following the case with keen interest to judge not only the courts but also Ghanaians, should the judge allow Alfred Agbesi Woyome to pocket the money based on lack of evidence emanating from the shallow excuses continually offered by the State prosecutors.

The truth and fact of the matter is the NDC used Alfred Agbesi Woyome simply as a front to access the fund themselves for their party. I have very credible information on that. The State prosecutors are behaving irresponsibly in the manner that they so far have in the hope of getting Woyome off the hook on which he is gradually being choked. They are doing so in the hope that Justice Ajet-Nassam, the presiding judge, will throw out the case for lack of evidence from the State. This is why Alfred Agbesi Woyome, a classical swindler of the 21st Century has that ignoble audacity to declare to the whole nation that the court will vindicate him in the end. This will be over my dead body.

As one has the right to effect citizen arrest on a criminal, so shall we do to Woyome? I am in consultation with my legal minds about how to bring a private suit against Woyome upon the conclusion that the current State prosecutors are merely conniving crooks.

Woyome has every right to enjoy his current respite. He ill soon be weeping, cursing the very womb that conceived him to be a swindler and the accomplices who first proposed the idea of robbing the State in the way he did, to him.

The fear of veering into insults the longer I proceed advancing reasons of some sorts is so ominously looming upon me. I had better then curtail the write-up. I believe my point is well made already.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson