NDC using irresponsible journalism to disturb our peace

Sat, 5 Aug 2017 Source: Fadi Dabbousi

I am absolutely resolved to tell the tale of a fiendish ex-government and its more sinister party, the NDC. You see, when in government, John Mahama and his men ruled with their libidos, while their women ruled with oversized bums and broad backs as could cover the smile of a morning sunrise.

Now that they are comfortably resting in the dumpster of history, they are using irresponsible journalism to craft an agenda that they believe will see them back in power in 2020.

Not as long as I, Fadi Dabbousi, continues to fight them. That said, let me tell them to dream on.

I chanced upon a poorly fashioned piece of rubbish which seemed to spell doom on 7000 gas truck drivers, and the whole nation. The long and short of that article was to say that the NPP government was going to implement an LPG policy that would render over 7000 drivers redundant. In the first place, let me tell you that there is not that quantum of gas trucks in the country to have that many drivers.

Like I divulged in my previous article, the policy is still in draft form and will very likely not to be approved and implemented before two years.To save precious Ghanaian souls, better safety methods must be used.

More so, it is important to disentangle gas stations from the populated areas where they virtually mushroomed like pest weeds in a rose garden under the deflated former president John Mahama.

Besides, this is an NPP government well focused on the creation of jobs, and but for the Doubting Thomases, Nana Akufo-Addo and his sensible apparatus will never take an initiative that would cull people’s livelihoods. It was the fashion of the NDC that they not only put people out of jobs, but drove major investors away.

Suffice it to say that the statement issued yesterday, 03/08/2017, by the NPA puts the matter to rest and shames the detractors.

NDC journalists and propagandists have an agenda, well drawn on the sheets at the chop bar headquarters of the party. They want to encourage the government and state institutions to make the wrong moves, defend them, and when it is time for campaign, use same against the NPP to try and score cheap political points, albeit in vain. We will be waiting for them at the other end of their serpentine road to deal them a most massive blow ever.

People must know and understand that the NDC is one reckless party that will not think twice to terrorise the nation and harass innocent people all in the name of evil.

Yes, they are willing to kill, destroy, and do all sorts of untoward acts that will betray Ghana. They have repeatedly recorded their atrocities in our eventful history, playing angel when the devil is in their ways and means, much like Kwame Nkrumah, who turned against the very heroes of independence.

He threw them in the dungeons and gave them slow doses of poison shots that finally killed them: JB Danquah; WalterOkoeLamptey; Emmanuel OdarkweiObetsebiLamptey; Ako-Adjei; and the many others that I want to leave to rest in peace. They were subsequently buried in a sugar cane plantation at Nsawam.

So treat any piece of news that speaks of imminent loss of jobs with the contempt that it deserves.

If anyone should lose their job, it would be due to incompetence and betrayal in the same manner as Ghanaians fired John Mahama and his foolish government due to incompetence, negligence, willful financial losses to State, betrayal, indecency, exaggerated abuse of power, incessant barrage of insults and innuendos on Ghanaians, grand theft, absurd overpricing of projects, chop chop, disgrace, neglect of nurses and Doctors, destruction of the NHIS system, reintroduction of the cash and carry system, friends and family, Ibrahim Mahama’s unpaid 45 million US Dollars and dud cheques, and so on and so forth.

So to those NDC journalists who are singing the praise of this government urging it on to commit blunders, let me assure them that NPP is well aware of their shenanigans, and all are treading cautiously as Nana Akufo-Addo brings exceptional governance to this country torn over a period of three decades by NDC unknowledgeable freaks of nature.

GOD bless Ghana and keep her safe from the NDC devil.

Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi
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