NPP Abandon Claims Against 3337 Polling Stations

Thu, 18 Apr 2013 Source: Jackson, Margaret

By Margaret Jackson

April 16, 2013

The ever noisy and over confident NPP have finally cracked under their heap of electoral allegations pending before the Supreme Court. In their final affidavit, the NPP abandoned their so-called claims against 3,337 polling stations and rather concentrated on only 8,579 polling stations.

The sudden U-turn by the NPP who trimmed their bogus claims by a whopping 28% is unbelievable considering the way they have portrayed to Ghanaians that their claims are solid and on target.

It would be recalled that the NPP filed an affidavit before the Supreme Court claiming electoral irregularities in 11,916 polling stations in which they asked the Supreme Court to throw away 4.6 million genuine votes cast in the December 2012 Elections.

But when the respondents requested further and better particulars from the NPP they caved due to their lack of evidence. The NPP, therefore, provided the further and better evidence on only 8,579 polling stations leaving a shortfall of 3,337 polling stations.

This is a bombshell that the NPP out of shame and panic will not want their supporters to know, because this clearly gives the impression that they rushed to court without doing any due diligence on their so-called evidence.

Currently, the NPP supporters who are watching the Supreme Court proceedings are of the false impression that their leadership have filed claims against 11,916 polling stations, not knowing that they have actually trimmed down their claims to only 8,579.

In all the 26,002 polling stations where voting took place during the 2012 Elections we had an average of 400 registered voters at each polling station. Therefore, if we do a rough calculation of the 3,337 ‘abandoned’ polling stations by the NPP in their final affidavit, what it means is that their so-called request to the Supreme Court to throw away 4.6 million votes should be trimmed down to 3.2 million.

In another development, the NPP is running away from their claims that the Electoral Commission (EC) created 28 ghost polling stations. In their final affidavit, the NPP is now claiming that the EC created 22 ghost polling stations and not 28.



Columnist: Jackson, Margaret