NPP: Now Akufo Addo And Osafo Maafo Calls Ashanti’s “Criminals” II

Fri, 30 Apr 2010 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

Akufo Addo and Yaw Osafo Maafo and their dirty politics have become the nemesis of their own part, the Ashanti’s whose presence, they believe, has become obstacles to their political achievement. As a result of that they need to fund any dirty means they deem necessary not only to get rid off them but to put dirt on them forever in Ghana’s politics. This was what the NDC Mills administration was looking for but they think they will have it through their 70-year- old man friend Akufo Addo and Yaw Osafo Maafo, whose actions put at peril a New Patriotic Party (NPP) victory in 2012. For all these years’ the majority of NPP members were not aware that this Akufo Addo’s political ambition has now made him a traitor. In 1979 this 70-year-old man orchestrated a coup deta through his cousin General F.W.K Akufo to overthrow General IK Acheampong Union government. Unfortunately, they could not succeed with their plans to rig the 1979 general elections for UNC because General Akufo was removed from office. How then can they now succeed when this 70-year -old man Akufo Addo and his Yaw Osafo Maafo are calling the Ashanti’s criminal. ?

Yaw Osafo Maafo and his Akufo Addo go to the Central Region in Agona East, and Agona West to castigate the Ashanti’s in front of the entire NPP delegates concerning; the NDC’s selective persecution of the NPP Ashanti elites but that is none of the Akyem people’s business or their concern. These Ashanti’s have to deal with their own problems. Some of the delegates have evidence to prove their assertions. NPP members across the country and outside the country must act immediately in which majorities of NPP delegates were shocked and disbelieved with what they were hearing. The NPP National Executives including the National Chairman should immediately and bann Akufo Addo and Yaw Osafo from running for the party leadership position. I have asked this question before but I will ask this question again to the entire NPP members: how many populations of these Akyems are in Ghana or in the NPP? They are not even two hundred thousand (200,000). The Eastern Region is made of different ethnic groups; mainly the Ashanti’s the Ewes, Fantes, Ada’s and some decedents of Northern Region. So why should the NPP tolerate all this nonsense from these criminal Akyem mafias within the party.?

However, I warn this stupid idiot Ashanti Regional NPP chairman Andoh, who is Akufo Addo’s supporter to cease and desist his foolishness on the Ashanti Regional NPP organizer Kennedy Kan Kam immediately. If not, he will see. What Kennedy Kan Kam said about Akufo Addo is true; Akufo Addo is behind all the Ashanti NPP elites persecution if not Akufo Addo and Yaw Osafo Maafo wouldn’t say what they said to the NPP delegates at Agone East and West by calling the Ashanti’s “criminal”. Another idiot motherfucker with his monkey skull ugly face is PC Appiah Ofori who is this Akufo Addo’s supporter. He and his cronies think their silly daily insults on Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng at some radio stations in Accra would be a distraction but their nonsense directed toward Alan is petty and trivial. Anyone can easily see through it. This lunatic MP PC Appiah Ofori will soon hear from me: on Monday April 26th 2010 Akufo Addo instructed his thugs to go to the NPP office to beat up a woman for unjustifiable reasons. No wonder Kofi Wayo said that Akufo Addo is a drug addicted, violent, and arrogant and a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

According to the information that I receive from my NDC informant, “the deep throat” s all this NDC persecution of the Ashanti elites NPP members was orchestrated by Akufo Addo. This Akufo Addo should not think that whatever he does people will not known about it. After all it will take somebody who will be ask to curry favor on your behalf against your political opponents but the truth will come out. This one was too soon because some NDC members are also tired of Akufo Addo’s dirty politics against his fellow party members. These smear political tactics were prearranged by Akufo Addo through his NDCs friend Kojo Tsikata, Tasu Tsikata, Kofi Awoonor and Attah Mills; Akufo Addo told these aforementioned NDC gurus that during Ghana’s 50th anniversary the former president John Agyekum Kufuor did not hold any cabinet meetings on the funds allotment for the projects on the 50th anniversary. He just appointed his Ashanti cronies whom he trusted will all these millions and handed it over to them without any cabinet approval for accountability. So the NDC government should deal with them seriously; the other hand it is not Kwadwo Mpini or Wereko- Brobby that the NDC are looking for but Kufuor himself. That is why the former president went to the court saying that they should leave these innocent people alone and come for him. He is the one the NDC are looking for. All of this is because of Akufo Addo’s backstabbing. Now due to Akufo Addo’s self political aggrandizement the former chief of Staff and Chairman of the National planning committee (NPC) of the Ghana@ 50 celebrations, Kwadwo Mpiani and the former chief executive officer of the Ghana@ 50 secretariat Charles Wereko- Brobby was arraigned before the Accra Fast Track high court on Thursday 22, April 2010, for wildly causing financial loss to the State. Because of this Akufo Addo, a married man and womanizer who has used NPP’s campaign money to buy a Mercedes Benz for his girl- friend who was attending the University of Ghana Legon has used these political tactics against the Ashanti’s through his cronies. As Kwabena Agyepong stated Alan supporters a few against the NPP institutional establishment, we will not “maintain quiet” for these motherfucker to claim the ownership of NPP. We will fight back. Period.

From; Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi