NPP Wobbles As Mahama Accounts To Ghanaians

Fri, 18 Dec 2015 Source: Jackson, Margaret

By Margaret Jackson

December 17, 2015

Many Ghanaians had expected that by now, the NPP would have dispatched their “Liars-in-Chief” notably Kwamena Duncan, Kennedy Agyepong, and Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie among others to parade to radio and television stations across the country to tell Ghanaians that all what President Mahama said during his “Accounting to the People Forum” on Tuesday at the State Banquet Hall in Accra, were pure lies.

But the facts provided by President Mahama on his stewardship so far stung the NPP like a bee that the next day instead of them debunking the facts we found the NPP largely talking about the Amenfi West by-election, which they even lost to the NDC.

The truth is that, the NPP never expected President Mahama to blow the lid on the multiple capital and social intervention projects the ruling NDC government has undertaken from 2013 to date, which is scattered across the country to debunk the pure lies the NPP daily chunk to Ghanaians that, “the NDC has done nothing since it came to power in 2009”.

This is how many Ghanaians describe the NPP today; if it is not about them, it does not count. If they did not undertake something, it is bogus. If you did not hear from them its pure lies. If it is not NPP, it is not good for Ghanaians. If they did not win an election, it is rigged. If they win an election, the Electoral Commission (EC) is credible. If there is, anything good that can come to Ghanaians it must come from the NPP. Whatever other ruling parties or governments have done amount to nothing. This is an apt description of the NPP.

One would have expected Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie to tell Ghanaians that the credible information given by President Mahama on the multiple projects, which range from schools; roads, hospitals, power generation, and expansion were incorrect. But strangely, we found this man talking about the Amenfi West by election, which the NPP lost. Even stranger was the comment he made that the NDC fortunes in Amenfi West were dwindling forgetting the fact that almost half of the registered voters decided to stay home for one reason or the other and that what he spewed out would have made a lot of sense if about 95% or more of the registered voters had gone to the polls on Tuesday.

Again, Owusu Afriyie deliberately stayed away from the accounts given by President Mahama on the things he is doing to make life bearable for Ghanaians and veered towards the multiple suspensions that have hit the NPP. These days it is increasingly becoming dangerous to talk about the NPP for fear of being suspended. Who knows if even you praise Nana Akufo-Addo today, you would not be suspended from the party tomorrow. All it takes is for some paid supporters of the NPP to petition the party’s disciplinary committee that you have opened your mouth too loud in praising Akufo-Addo, therefore, you are unworthy to continue to be a member of the NPP. The next day you could be thrown out of the party. Some democracy being practised by some democrats.

Loud-mouthed Kwamena Duncan also stayed the course on the Amenfi West by election by saying that the votes garnered by the losing NPP Parliamentary candidate, Paul Derkyi are a clear indication or so-called indicator of NPP’s victory in the 2016 elections. And this guy is the Central Region Communications Director of the NPP who speaks for his stomach sake without any proper political analysis.

The man many consider as the “NPPs lying tongue”, Nana Akomea who doubles as the Director of Communications of the party, was even gratified after they lost the Amenfi West by election claiming, “The NPP is quite happy with the results, we would have been happier if we had won”. Get this straight Nana Akomea. In elections, losers are never happy. I don’t have to remind you, Akomea. Why did your man Akufo-Addo disturbed Ghanaians by rushing to court with a bogus claim when he lost the 2012 elections? Was he a happy loser or a sore one? Akomea, if losers are a happy bunch Akufo-Addo would have conceded defeat, congratulated President Mahama, and not boycotted his inauguration as President.

Kennedy Agyepong, “The Bragging Richman” who does not know how to handle fortune and is always throwing his weight about but has not been able to tell Ghanaians why his sister whose filling station is close to his Oman FM offices is still languishing in jail for drug offences, decided to talk about “dumsor” instead of debunking the achievements of President Mahama. If you claim, President Mahama has done virtually nothing since he came to office and he had come out strongly to defend his record, why not counter it? All the NPP guys ran for cover with their tails in their legs.

I am very sad that the day Kennedy Agyepong was insulting teachers and claiming they were poor, and poured his vent on Kofi Adams during their encounter on Adom FM in November and the drug issue suddenly popped out, and Agyepong started throwing his weight around and insulted Kofi Adams; he did not simply ask Agyepong, “but where is your sister?” That would have settled everything.

These days Nana Akufo-Addo goes to Kumasi and return to Accra comfortably after 6pm. And so are many NPP folks. Akufo-Addo is happy when he flies back from Kumasi in the night forgetting that something has changed at the Kumasi Airport making evening flights now possible. Nana Akufo-Addo if you do not want to acknowledge it, I will like to tell you that Mahama’s imprint is there. Right there at the Kumasi Airport.

Yet, this NPP flagbearer who does not know how to lead let alone bring his folks together but only panders to his praise worshippers, sits at his residence at Nima in Accra, and daily issues bogus statements claiming he ain’t seen nothing yet from President Mahama.

Ghana is under financial stress. But we are not alone. It’s a global issue with most of the so-called Western countries and all the rest barely growing their annual GDPs below 2%. No one is running away from that fact. President Mahama is aware about this, but in the midst of all these, he continues to put in measures that in the long term will mitigate the current economic strains we are currently facing.

The NPP will continue to stay glued to radio and television stations in Accra and Kumasi and daily badmouth President Mahama and label him as “do-nothing”, but those communities and towns that have seen electricity lately, water and roads, and schools among others do not care a hoot about the ranting of Kennedy Agyepong. Whether they label President Mahama as incompetent or not, one thing they know, “Once they did not have lights, water, schools, and roads, but now they have them. Blessed be the name of the Lord and the government that brought them”. This is what will ring in their ears when they go to the pools next year. Trust me!



Columnist: Jackson, Margaret