NPP- elect gentle-giant national executives for Ghana

Fri, 11 Apr 2014 Source: Yeboah, Jacob Osei

Saturday, the 12th of April, 2014 will be a memorable day where the largest opposition party NPP will elect their national delegates in Tamale, the northern region to lead the party towards election 2016.

This day is not only historic as the office of JOY2012 understands that, it is the first time the party is organising a national delegate conference in the northern region but also symbolic of your belief in your tradition of Danquah-Buasia-Dormo. These are the foundational leaders of your party in the Gold Coast and those who helped your party to be in power during the 2nd Republic.

It is equally important that the election of your national executives ought to affirm NPP’s belief in the Danquah-Busia-Dormo tradition. The belief in academic pedigree and capitalism coupled with Gentle-Giant leadership and all-inclusive-governance. Especially, the perceptive exclusiveness of the Dormo- foundation needs to be relayed at this conference in order to strengthen your foundation.

Political Parties like humans have both pleasant and unpleasant historical reminders that need to be affirmed and corrected respectively for the betterment of the governance of the nation and growth of democracy. As a people, our Gold Coast politics and more especially in this 4th Republic, Ghanaians have demonstrated their belief in the Gentle-Giant philosophical (GGP) leadership.

The GGP leadership to wit are leaders who are not only GENTLE in the Language and Linguistics of our political discourse but are also GIANT in the application of the Literature of our anthropological disposition and a deep sense of patriotism. The GGP Leadership corrects and rebrands past mistakes masterfully and is flexibly with political ideology.

Your party (NPP) national executives modelled GGP leadership which Ghanaians affirmed their belief by giving you power in 2000. The masterful model by former President Kuffuor and ably demonstration by the contributions from sought after general secretary Dan Botwe of GGP, gave Ghanaians hope for our weakling democracy. This act made Ghanaians believed in “Awurade Kasa” which gave the NPP power 2000. No wonder, former president Rawlings also affirmed the acceptance of GGP by Ghanaians and therefore courageously hand-picked, the late President J.E.A Mills to help brand the NDC with GGP leadership. The late President Mills equally chose President Mahama who over the years has also demonstrated GGP political stature. The office of JOY2012 can say emphatically that the 4th Republic elections since 1992 on one hand, have affirmed the belief in the GGP leadership through floating voters or “king maker voters”. On the other hand, floating voters have demonstrated their abhorrence towards radicalism from party executives. Ghanaians believe they can entrust their sovereignty to GGP leadership before accessing competence or whatever pedigree the leader holds. The GGP therefore serves as the lens through which Ghanaians see the leadership before listening to competent message. Indeed, the NPP national executive response to the Supreme Court’s verdict through Nana Akuffo Addo has affirmed and demonstrated your belief once again in GGP to the admiration of the world and has given hope for our democracy and longitivity to the 4th republic.

Again, the JOY2012 office has also noticed a developing phenomenon through the election of your (NPP) regional executives. The office of JOY2012 has termed this phenomenon “wontumenism’. The wontumenism phenomenon is an endorsement by voters to aspirant who they believe are committed to their course and have a high sense of self-sacrifice irrespective of their known track records and can deliver the results by contributing meaningfully even in opposition. The phenomenon makes no position sacrosanct to any personality with pedigree but results oriented.

George Bernard Shaw opined, “A life spent in making mistakes is not only more honourable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing”. Every form of perceived mistakes must be seen to be amended by the election of your national executives towards 2016 to reflect the belief of GGP leadership and probably upholding wontumenism in order to improve the health conditions of Ghanaians. For the well-being of the NPP can go a long way in improving serene political environment towards happiness and national security.

It was quite staggering when the health status through the rate at which patience visited hospitals were analysed from 2007. Of particular interest is a teaching hospital, in 2007, it was about 160,000 patients a year, 2009 it rose to 500,000 patients, in 2011 it rose to about 1,500,000 patients and in 2013 it rose to about 2,500,000 patients. This statistics permeates through most Teaching and Poly clinics and also depicts how our political actors are gradually killing our compatriots softly through states of apprehension politically in particular. It cannot be said that it is through the policy of NHIS.

The office of JOY2012 hopes that the NPP as the largest opposition political party, you will assure Ghanaians of your readiness to govern this nation by lowering the political temperature so as to give room for deep thinkers to help contribute innovatively for the mirage of problems facing the country. This the NPP can demonstrate by electing national executives who believe in the Gentle-Gentle Philosophical leadership by helping to solve the country’s problem even in opposition.

On behalf of the office of JOY2012 and on my own behalf we wish you a successful national delegate conference in Tamale towards a good run for noble ideas for 2016 election.

God Bless the NPP

God Bless JOY2012

God Bless Ghana

Columnist: Yeboah, Jacob Osei