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NPP’s Chain Of Lies

Wed, 19 Dec 2012 Source: Jackson, Margaret

By Margaret Jackson

December 18, 2012

It has now become lies galore in full force. The NPPs lying machine has been well oiled and is currently churning out lies at every turn of event just to gain some sympathy from the Ghanaian populace. In fact some of the lies look so childish that even my niece of 12 years will never pause to believe them, yet the NPP folks are spilling those lies in droves.

So many fat misrepresentations have been made by the NPP following their defeat in the just ended polls. Last week, the police acting on a tip-off conducted a search in the premises of the La Monte Guest House, near the NPP head office. According to the police they were tipped-off that a group of persons were offloading boxes suspected to contain ammunition into the said house. Yet the NPP folks raised hell and deceived many Ghanaians into believing that the police had raided their research office where their officials were conducting forensic audits of the 2012 elections. They even went as far as lying that the police had taken the evidence they were gathering to challenge the results of the 2012 elections in court.

Even when the police issued a statement denying that they had raided the headquarters of the NPP, Jake Obetsebi Lamptey, NPPs Chair and Akufo-Addo’s Campaign Manager Boakye Agyarko would not budge.

Jake, in a press conference insisted that the police raided their offices and took vital information they were piecing together to challenge the declaration of President John Mahama as winner of the just ended poll. The NPP even went as far as falsely claiming that the police took away some sheets of paper and laptops belonging to the party and that the so-called raid was ordered by President Mahama.

Jake added that they would let the public know in due course details of all what the police took away. Boakye Agyarko, also told Joy News that the police and soldiers in full riot controlled gear "manhandled" the NPP officers who were at the searched premises. It’s a week now but Jake and Agyarko are nowhere with their so-called evidence against the police. This is because the police came out forcefully to deny that they did not take anything from the house they searched. A day after the election results were declared and NPP’s dejected vice-presidential candidate, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia was sitting somewhere minding his own business, some people who wanted to play mischief claimed that his family house had been ransacked by some men in military uniforms.

The one who narrated the so-called incident to the police, Lariba Abudu, stated that those who came to the house claimed they were looking for a man who they suspected entered the house. The issue is also more than a week now and even Bawumia himself is yet to comment on it. End of the story. Not to be left out of the web of lies as usual is the ubiquitous Sammy Awuku, a deputy Communications Director of the NPP. He came out making a wild allegation that some armed macho men on unregistered motorbikes and an unregistered vehicle are attempting to cause grievous bodily harm to him. Yet he is yet to provide any credible evidence to back that false claim.

We next land at the doorstep of the NPPs War-Monger-in-Chief, Kennedy Agyapong who came out last week accusing the National Communications Authority (NCA) of illegal jamming of the transmissions of Net 2 TV, Oman FM and Ash FM. Even when the NCA stated that it has no such machines to jam transmissions, Agyapong will have none of it. The rest is now history.

The Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Dr. Kwadwo Afari Djan, who continues to be at the receiving end of the NPP also got another twist of the NPP lying spirit. Some leading figures of the NPP informed supporters of the party at a rally that Afari Djan had ran away to the United States after he had announced the results but he had been deported back to the country to come and sort out the issues concerning the election results. One wonders when these NPP folks would stop lying.

Over the past weekend another NPP trick was floated into the public domain with the announcement that the offices of Gloria Akuffo, NPPs lead counsel which is expected to challenge the December 7 election results in court, had been broken into, ransacked with some vital documents and a laptop taken away.

But it has turned out that three offices including that of Blay and Associates, Precious Minerals Resources Limited and the International Commercial Bank were broken into. And that the police are yet to establish if anything had been stolen from those offices. Buy why would Gabby Otchere Darko break the news on his Facebook Wall instead of informing the police?

We are living in dangerous times with the NPP who virtually controls the press saying anything that they think will stick in their favour. But Ghanaians can never be fooled again by this looting brigade. Their chain of lies are not selling. In fact nobody is buying them.



Columnist: Jackson, Margaret