NPP’s Ken Agyepong, “Ghana’s Peter Mokaba,”

Tue, 24 Apr 2012 Source: Tamakloe, Kojo

NPP’ s failed leadership ; Kojo Tamakloe

“kill the Ga , kill the Ewe”

'Kill the Boer': kill the farmer A South African tragedy

’A judge has ruled that the phrase “shoot the boer” amounts to hate speech, and so it’s now illegal to chant the song. The ANC, who complained that the judge didn’t approach them for historical context, may take the case on appeal. Of course, there’s a context to the song that the ANC’s not admitting. “

The Boers, or amabaru, amabulu are words used do describe the Afrikaner settler in South Africa. They were mostly farmers and very good at that. They usurped 80% of the South African land and pushed the owners into 13% , and made them foreigners in their own land of birth . Blacks in South Africa suffered terribly and used to be jailed for minor offences and killed . They had no rights and could not vote. Their education was second rated and limited . Majority Blacks were illiterate and had to make do with menial jobs. Educated Blacks made do with being teachers, nurses or policemen . In 1976 there was the Soweto massacre when the repressive government sought to further put hurdles on the educational aspirations of the Blacks by forcing then to be taught in Afrikaans. They resisted and so the massacre.

Christmas time is summer time in the southern hemisphere. The slogan of” peace to men “was turned into” death to the Black person” by the South African defense force . I witnessed the brutality one Christmas when they crossed into Maseru , the capital city of the mountain Kingdom of Lesotho and left may hem .The owner of the house was left with a bayonet stuck in him pinning him to the door as he got out. His pregnant wife was disemboweled and the foetus taken out and left for the neighboring dogs . People were shot in the back trying to run away from these bullies . So came the chant “ Kill the Boer, Kill the farmer”

Back in Ghana , since independence we had have Lt Gen AA Afrifra, Gen I K Acheampong and then Kuffour as presidents coming from the NLM dominated area of Ghana. The only Ga Head of State, Gen Ankrah ,was a war hero in the Congo who actually freed Lumumba from his captors using just a Platoon of men . He reign was peaceful and he used to the time to try to avert the Biafran War . All can remember the Aburi conference when he moved heaven and hell to avert the civil war .Before him were Sgt Adjetey , Cpl Attipoe and pte Awhaitey who laid down their lives for Ghana’s independence.at the crossroads, Osu. Accra Central voted massively for Kwame Nkrumah who was not a Ga, to become the first Prime Minister . Are these the aliens or useless people? What of the founders of the NPP like Peter Ala Adjetey, J B da Rocha ., Prof Ocquaye?

Fl Lt Rawlings has done what he could to lay the foundations for our peace and modest prosperity. When he came to power the mess was so much Ghanaians lined up for sugar, toilet paper , milk, dubbed “ essential commodities” Ghanaians were a laughing stock but he gradually restored our pride and confidence. Today Ghana marches on but like the” resistance wire” that the NPP and its forbears have been , they seek to set Ghana on fire labeling some “ aliens’ . and so this time instead of expulsion , death

Ghanaians even with Dr Bawumia a VP nominee will take note . I hope Northerners have taken note . already they call you ,Ntafor, pepefor and the Bonos and Ahafos. All progressive Ghanaians must UNITE to safe guard our gains by voting massively against the NPP. We have alternatives like the CPP . Can you imagine Ken Agyepong loosing his temper at an international forum and going on radio or TV? How do we get close to our neighbors in West Africa and Africa and the rest of the world as we are more inter dependent than ever before. Do the property owners know that in a war situation they will lose their properties.? Do the see the war damage in Syria ? Did Ken think of the negative effect his call will have on investors and the friendly climate which Prez Mills has carefully nurtured?

Ex President Kuffour labels the treasonous statements ,” killing a fly with a hammer’ . Akuffo Addo is quiet and their pundits give a thousand and one excuses. These people want power and they talk about Nii Lantey and him being a presidential advisor. Which is easier, seeking audience with the president, the chairman of the EC and the IGP , for a peaceful resolution or going onto the radio declaring war and calling for genocide.? Is that how we are going to solve problems if Ghanaians were to make the mistake of putting you back in power? Can we call that leadership?

Ken Agyepong has shown no remorse nor humility and has refused to apologize to Ghanaians .What confidence can Ghanaians have in a government led by Akuffo Addo

People can “Hero worship” Mr Agyepong , out of ignorance, We once did under Acheampong , after Busia messed up ,we went on with “ yentua” campaign . Ghana paid dearly for it . Can Agyepong and his NPP cohorts realize they are frightening investors?. Is it not an irony that Nana Akuffo Addo will be in the USA trying to woo investors while his chief aid is calling for war? Does he think the investors are crazy to go where their investment will go up in smoke ? Or are they hoping that the Ewes and Gas will sit down quietly and be beaten or killed with no retaliation ?

As a start let Ghanaians boycott the shops or anyone who beats the Gas or Ewes or kills any of them . Then let Ghanaians boycott the radio and TV stations owned by this Agyepong and his associates. But most of all in December let us vote massively against the NPP . It was a Ga who led the boycott against shops when the 3 brave service men were killed by the British. His name was Nii Ayi Bonte . He did it and we can do it again . The NPP Loves money , let us hit them where it hurts most, in the pocket

Kojo Tamakloe is a Pan Africanist who believes African Unity is the solution to our under development

Forward Ever , backward never

Columnist: Tamakloe, Kojo