Opinions Mon, 3 Aug 2015

Nana Akuffo Addo must show true leadership now!

Probably I am the only one who can say this and damn the consequences; because I am not looking for any position and its material rewards in Ghana politics; I do not belong to any faction in the party except the true party tradition, and care a lot about the state of our Party and the country; I have an indefinite stay in a Welfare State, and except God, I fear no living Ghanaian! Inshalla! No one seems willing to tell Nana Addo the bitter truth that he must rise up to the challenge of a real Leader in our hour of need!

The Philip Addison debacle is clear testimony that Nana Addo is a weak ineffective leader leading the Party to its downfall. He should have quietly managed this properly than the embarrassment we have at our hands now that our Principal Lawyer in the world famous Election Petition can be so humiliated in local elections at Osu in Accra. It’s unbelievable how Nana could not talk to these combatants as every political party worth its salt does.

Clearly Nana Akuffo Addo is hamstrung by his own loyal people whose actions have contributed significantly to the never ending rifts tearing the Party apart, even whiles our beloved country, Ghana under NDC, totters lamely to her total decline. Undoubtedly, the fragile Economy battered by obscene levels of corruption and worsening poor social organisation needed real challenge by a virile competitive Opposition but thanks to the fractious elements following our Flag bearer Nana Akuffo Addo our National party is paralysed by rifts based on a raging malicious rumour that NDC has bribed our elected national Executives. I have always blamed his intransigent followers and family members, but for now Nana should be held directly responsible for all the saga in the Party. It’s like he is enjoying the vicious vilification and abuse of his people against Afoko and Agyepong.

We have lost two elections after a strong performance in government to NDC, a party that almost destroyed Ghana when they misruled us for 19 good years. The first reason for this is the same factor we are grappling with today, and our gentle Nana is unable to deal with it - it is called Party Disunity. The Chair of CENAB-UK, Amponsa Kakabo told me there are indeed factions in NPP, to my grave horror. His explanations shocked me a lot in its vacuous nature. There must not be any faction in NPP especially Alan and Nana's factions because both of them are very new to our Party with its history! We can never allow factionalism in our Party for petty gains of some few people in the National Party.

Divisions and dissensions have raged throughout the Party of so-called intellectuals starting from the time Dr J B Danquah's Nephew Aaron Ofori Atta broke ranks to contest him and created a wave of dissension and quarrels that led to NLM and GCP and UP etc. In 1969 Elections we won 105 seats and took Dr Busia a lot of man management to bring everyone on board in a strong Cabinet; yet in fighting led by two protagonists Victor Owusu and NYB Adade led to our downfall when their compromised candidate Col. Acheampong capitalised on the division to overthrow the enlightened government. Then again another maternal Uncle of Nana Akuffo Addo, William Ofori Atta set the clock back by causing a division of our party into UNC and PFP in 1979! Yes! Two real Uncles of Nana Addo - Aaron and William - brothers of his Mother had caused us huge problems in the past and wonder if Nana wants to destroy all the good historic work of his own people by leading a third break up of our Party. It’s possible we won’t have a Party again when we lose the next election as the quarrelsome unloving or hateful supporters of Akuffo Addo will eventually blame everyone for the defeat and go on to form their own party to destroy all the good work of so many people.

The so-called factionalism that has rocked our Party began a long time ago and the Agenda 2020 is a poor excuse to deepen it, with tacit approval of Akuffo Addo, perhaps! The factionalism is simply contrived as follows: Kuffuor and Akuffo Addo had contested two elections in 2000 and 2004 with same party people following them; and in power it looks like Kufuor's NPP people had all the Jobs whiles those who backed Nana had eventually lost out like Osafo Maafo, Christine Churcher etc. They waited for their man to come on board in a 17 man Contest, but unfortunately when he did, he lost the elections. For the 5th time the same people showed their loyalty to Nana and now want their rewards in political office as Kufuor's people did. Therefore they guard their lofty positions as followers of Nana with great relish. It’s covetous and will use every crooked means to hold on to their positions. But this is all illusory. Ghana must come first and there is very little to enjoy in political office with the broken state of the economy. The Neutrals always thought NPP must be different from NDC...

Nana Akuffo Addo has lost two elections and yet retained by the Party with no resentment or bitching. 96% Voted for him - meaning followers of all the factions preferred quiet order to a raging disagreement over change in leadership - but before he won the leadership, new National Executives were elected from the other faction as Party Secretary and Chairman. It was a heaven sent opportunity for the factions to work together but the Akuffo Addo followers did not want to share the glory and spoils with anyone. They alone must go to power and so invented the wicked malicious rumour that Afoko and Agyepong had collected $5Million and a US Mansion each to undermine their own party leader. It’s about a year now when these lies were peddled by Sir John, Bugri Naabu, John Boadu, Sammi Awuku, Freddie Blay, Gabby Otchere Darko and CENAB-UK across the country and echoed on social media by their vociferous supporters.

It is even shocking to note that Akuffo Addo has been accused of many things but we stood by him, and as such one would have thought he could do the same for his newly Elected National Executives who are very popular in the Party but he hanged them out to dry at the mercy of his red eyed hounds of followers. Nana Addo has shocked so many of us by allowing such a wicked rumour to be used against others with no attempt to call for evidence. We have all heard about this malicious rumour almost a year ago but no one has given a credible evidence to back it up.

We thought Nana and his followers are Christians or Moslems who must treat people the same way they would want others to treat them but NO. They have destroyed the name and image of the two without ever professing any evidence.

In the meantime the Party's organisation is left floundered to near comatose. Why is Akuffo Addo disappointing so many people - like having a perception against your own party people without making any attempt to prove it? It’s the worst thing that can happen to anyone...This is what happened during Rawlings bogus revolution when rumours were turned into evidence in kangaroo courts to nail innocent people. Such a stupid Ghanaian behaviour...Accusing people on the basis of puerile allegations with no effort to substantiate it - rumour mongering, which was once banned by Kutu Acheampong. The malicious rumour and subsequent treatment of Afoko and Agyepong is unprecedented anywhere in the world of party politics. Only a fool will believe such an improbable story and yet Akuffo Addo's supporters wear it like a badge.

I wish Nana Akuffo Addo becomes a more serious leader of a great party of good people and stop listening to one faction and ignoring others. We are all part of the Party and must be listened to by the undisputable Party Leader, who must always act as a Father to all. The Addison situation is a clear testimony that Akuffo Addo has led the Party into a ditch. If he could not support the very man who stood in the Supreme Court of Ghana during the Election Petition against such a minion in the Party then whither drift us all in the difficult political landscape of Ghana? Why is Akuffo Addo not working with proper leaders of the Party but listening to nonentities at the fringes of the Party? It must always be Ghana first, and loyal supporters last if they are genuine followers and want the interest of the country. NPP and Nana Addo must unite now for Charity begins at home!

Columnist: Amponsa-Dadzie, Kofi Freeman