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Neo-Colonization of Ghana by Supremacists

Fri, 7 Jul 2017 Source: Rockson Adofo

Ghana, my beloved country, is on the verge of falling headlong into Chinese colonisation. Like most of her lazy and corrupt sister African and Caribbean nations, they look up to the Chinese for big, but soft loans.

These loans most of which are syphoned off into the secret foreign bank accounts of our overwhelmingly corrupt politicians have strings attached, thus, stringent Chinese conditionality attached. It is not only that a greater part of the loans will come to us in form of the Chinese substandard machinery but also, they will send numerous of their nationals to come to settle permanently and work in the nations to which they give loans.

For Ghana dabbling in Chinese loans since former President Kufuor’s time until today, look at the number of the Chinese come to live in Ghana and engaged in all activities that are leaving permanent scars on our ecosystem let alone, the few reported instances of the Chinese dealing in illegal arms trading with armed robbers, or at times killing Ghanaians, and setting up gambling posts throughout entire regions in the country.

The Chinese will do whatever it takes to forcibly lord themselves over the Ghanaian or the African even in our own country. They commit acts which no black person will dare do in China without facing public execution or long term imprisonment.

Nobody can be in a better position to tell how the Chinese look down upon a black person with scorn than me. When in France in the 1980s and 90s, the Chinese would only talk to the black person when you had gone into their shops to buy something apart from which only occasion a Chinese will not talk to you but rather look down on you as if you were worse than the dirt on their shoe.

These are the type of people Ghanaians and Africans are dealing with; granting them unfettered access to our country and to our mineral resources all in the name of procuring soft loans from them or working in partnership with them to create jobs for the Ghanaian youth only to find the jobs taken away by a swarm of Chinese shipped from China.

Should we allow our corrupt politicians to cause our enslavement on our own land by the Chinese because of the politicians’ myopic and selfish desires? Have we not learnt a lesson from what the Chinese have been doing to our water bodies, forests and arable lands? Does the massive devastation they have been causing to our country not scare us to want to import more Chinese vagabonds into the country?

Look at how one woman, Aisha Huang, a young Chinese woman in her thirties, has been flouting our laws and has no respect for our government and government ultimatums because she has induced, sorry to say, some stupid Government Ministers, powerful security personnel and probably some traditional chiefs, with Chinese sex (vagina). If a single Chinese woman is that powerful enough to control our Government Ministers, police and the military to the bewilderment of many a Ghanaian, what will a thousand Chinese women do if they descend on the country? Will they not sell the entire country or make their own rules for us to obey them in our own land?

Ghanaians, I say, over to you. Not poverty but politicians embezzling public funds have driven us into the tormenting arms of the Chinese. Sooner, we shall smell pepper and as a Nigerian will say, “You go see say khaki no be leather”. I dread having ten Aisha Huangs in Ghana let alone, thousands of them. They will give marching orders to Ghanaians and will soon ban Ghanaians from entering certain areas within the country once their China towns start to spring up in the country. Their China towns will be declared out-of-bounds to Ghanaians; the first step to reinventing segregation or apartheid in Ghana.

Ghanaians will remember me for this prediction long after I have become a ghost!

Columnist: Rockson Adofo