Nkrumaists in broad church parties should think twice

Wed, 14 Sep 2011 Source: Jeffrey, Peter

before attacking coalitions.

There are many people who professed to be Nkrumaists or sympathetic to the tenets of Nkrumaism but are members of the two main parties – NDC and NPP. These individuals hold on to the dream of returning to the mother party once the right leadership is put in place. To put a prohibition on coalition or merger with the largest social democratic party is not only ridiculous, but a political suicide.

Until last week there were certain individuals who believes that if a party has a central membership, it cannot be extended to those who actively campaign for the defeat of its official candidates. That, after all, is the example followed in parliamentary primaries when membership was entirely local.

The “Movement for Social Justice” affair (disgraceful though their activities was) highlighted the inability of CPP under Edmund Delle's leadership to sack anyone, however embarrassing their conduct. Strong leadership was therefore seen by the Nkrumaist progressives as necessary part of any reform. Now that it is in place (the party has elected a new and strong executive under the leadership of Hon Samia Yaba Christina Nkrumah) it would be impossible not to apply the long standing principle that no member can campaign for any other political party, however this principle can only work if CPP form an electoral pact with all the Nkrumaists parties – NDC, PNC and GCPP.

Nkrumaism is a broad church and Convention Peoples Party is our natural home, but it needs fundamental reform, not only from within but must listen to contributions from colleagues who are members of NDC, PNC and GCPP. In a sense, this is a protection of that broad church. This will ensure that we can have differing debate and represent a necessarily broad spectrum of opinion.

There is a genuinely and properly national debate for Nkrumaists to unite( CPP, PNC and GCPP), as there is about relationship with their nearest neighbours in the social democratic movement – NDC. It would be unthinkable that that debate should not be reflected within the Nkrumaists group.

As this writer stated previously, in that debate we do need to be talking as colleagues and not opponents. The Nkrumaists needs a Edward Mahama as it needs John Evans Kofi Atta Mills. They are the proper guarantors that the broad church has not degenerated into irrelevance. Samia Yaba Christina Nkrumah recognises that, and it explains why she emphasise that CPP needs rebuilding, first and foremost!

Clearly, for CPP, PNC and GCPP to renounce Nkrumaists in NDC would be politically suicidal and absolute nonsense, and would consign the Nkrumaists to permanent opposition. Yet to suggest that the Nkrumaists should form a single party come what may, with no proper consideration of resolving differences, makes no sense either.

The problem with the debate is that the Nkrumaists are constantly polarised, because of the Rawlings factor. As Samia has demonstrated, what is important is the language and the tone. NDC is clearly an Nkrumaist party, made up of noted Nkrumaists, no one can discount their membership of the group.

The Nkrumaists who went to join NDC bear a heavy responsibility for having allowed Rawlings to hijack Nkrumaism in 1992. Yet that does not mean Nkrumaists should avoid radical changes that are needed now to ensure survival of Nkrumaism.

The Nkrumaist parties need to give notice to NPP that if the presidential elections goes into second round, they shall fight the elections supporting one Nkrumaist candidate, nothing more, nothing less.

Peter N. Jeffrey

Columnist: Jeffrey, Peter

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