No visa to USA military base in Ghana

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 Source: Philip Asmah

I am very much concern as a true citizen of Ghana to give my opinion on what is going on between the Government of the Republic of Ghana and the USA for the construction of Military Base on the soils of mother Ghana.

As a citizen, I am totally against the idea of building a Military base in Ghana, no matter what excuse or brand name the USA give to the people of Ghana.

Looking deeply into the so-called MoU its totally against the interest of people of Ghana.

I don't have time and cannot enumerate in detail the security risks Ghana will suffer if the Ghana Parliamentarians accept the Yankees to build this dangerous and risky structure in Ghana.

Afterall it is the Interest of Americans not Ghanaians when these Americans come to base in Ghana.

Look at Iraq, when the Americans gave them everything including cash, vehicles and military training, technology or coverage, and see how the country Iraq is today.

Look at Pakistan when the Americans gave them millions of dollars to capture Iban Laden, what has happened to Pakistan now?

Look at Chad and Somalia where Americans gave them money to fight terrorists, what is happening to these countries now. It is obvious that no military base or military equipment that is used can conquer terrorism. There are many ways of handling the terrorist situation.

So it will be a very big mistake and a setback for the people of Ghana if they allow the USA to have a base in Ghana.

My question is which person or group of people in Ghana had such heinous idea or much interest of having a USA base in Ghana? Was it because of money?

I mean what came to that person's or those peoples’ mind to reach that idea of selling or giving out land to Americans?

Ghana has been in partnership with the USA since Independence, thus the US Navy and the Ghana Army had been in partnership in military exercises ever since.

Why on earth or what came into their mind to now ask them to come and have their Military base in Ghana, thus acquire part of the land which not even permitting Ghanaians to enter into their base to see or inspect them on what they are doing?

Not paying taxes,? Recruiting combaters from and outside Ghana, Practising and promoting their Gayism and Lesbianism, which is a taboo in Ghana, and many other unethical things against the Spirit and Values of the people of Ghana!!

Come to think of it, that if a Ghanaian citizen is travelling to the USA and he or she poses a threat to the people of America, what does their Embassy do, even though that applicant had paid the Visa Fee?

The American Embassy simply, REFUSES to give Visa (No Entry or Refusal) to that applicant. Its simple, Ghanaians should Refuse to give the Americans Military base (Refusal) Visa!!

Then where is are the Independence Nkrumah and our forefathers fought for?

I think it's not too late, for the Parliament to reject this delirious proposal which will bring chaos and suffering to the people of Ghana.

Columnist: Philip Asmah
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