Of ‘little minds’ and ‘unbelievers’

Thu, 10 Nov 2011 Source: DayBreak

Last week, certainly wasn’t a good one, not due to my own manoeuvring but because I was more than saddened by the unfortunate commentary and line of thinking from pessimistic and ill informed persons. Empty barrels, they say, make the most noise: no wonder little minds never seem to appreciate visions but delight in rumble rousing in an attempt to surpass ‘rhythms’ of development and foresight.

A well informed luminary, social advocate and potential president of the nation speaks on his vision and source of implementation, and even admonishes his competitor to-be to sit up. Instead of thinking through and applauding such acts of constructiveness, the intended recipients’ has rather sought to cloud this act of intelligence with petty rhetoric and countless but needless history.

To kick start, a Deputy Minister of Information, who has admitted to partaken and even promoted the concocting of development, is at it once more, trying to kill a dream. This character is heard preaching a gradualist approach to development saying that countries like Indonesia and Malaysia could attain great heights because of stability in governance.

Point well made but this statement only exposed a person with no principle and critical thinking. Indeed it’s only out of ignorance that the mouse attacks the cat. Here is a person who is part of an administration that came riding on the back of not just a coup d’ état but numerous illegalities. This nation would have been fulfilling some of the big dreams already but for the needless interruptions of his root and wicked propaganda.

His only commendation comes up for knowing that, development is through sustained governance and policies. Where was this line of thought in 2008? When the nation was feeling and experiencing the real boom in industries. Though you gained a thumbs’ up for that exhibition of sensibility, the current spate of ‘virtual’ development is not the kind that needs retention. All we see is a mirage of development, of which only liked minded people, his cohorts, point and conceptualize.

Indeed, the opposition leader would not only be but remain the most popular and visionary presidential hopeful come 2012. Why else would his comments be sought on every issue of national consent? The man has already shown the way and would not waste time responding to ‘little minds’. What else would be the response of a man your colleagues sought to corner with affection for the fairer sex? Read in between the lines and realize the vogue challenge thrown. No sane mind from our side of the world would certainly condone that ‘pervasion’.

About closing the chapter but just realized the need to educate a General Secretary who happens to be ill informed and obviously not able to discern ‘electronic verification’ in this era of Information Technology.

Hope the buzzing around and open display of naivety on ‘electronic verification’ ends with the subsequent lecture or schooling. Biometric data is collated and transformed to scan-codes, the information associated with the codes is held in a database. The scan-code then happens to be a primary key used to obtain data. How would the scan-code be obtained? Off course, by use of a device and not a mere look of reference. Hence a process called ‘electronic verification’. Is this too difficult to decode? It shouldn’t be for people who really evaluated and vouched for roles like yours. Only mentally imbalance persons, not illiterates, would encounter problems with the physical usage of this mechanism.

2012 would tell what ‘by all means’ really means. This statement is been the source of motivation for some of us. To any true patriot, this means, give your best even without resources or funding. This reminds us of the NPP’s TESCON slogan ‘commitment without inducement’.

Columnist: DayBreak