Osafo Maafo’s sandals cleaner, better than Murtala’s head

Murtala Mohammed Lsksl Murtala Mohammed

Thu, 28 Dec 2017 Source: Fadi Dabousi

I was disgusted by the salvo that Murtala Mohammed hurled at Honourable Osafo Maafo for no apparent reason than to malignantly smear his hard-earned reputation.

Why wasn’t I surprised? After all, that is the core principle of the NDC and the charlatans that joined this party, and remained adamantly faithful to foolishness.

Before I begin, let me tell you about the failed Member of Parliament, Murtala Mohammed.

He was sacked by the electorate in his constituency because the people soon realised that he is not the honourable person to represent their ideals and aspirations. What improvement did he bring to his constituency? ZERO! In fact, the zero is bigger than the empty coconut that balances shakily on his husky neck.

It was even said that NDC’s Inusah Fusseini sponsored the campaign against Murtala on behalf of their party to kick him out of office due to the shame of association with such a mischievous prankster.

It was alleged that he stole moneys that were given him to develop his constituency. And he is crying corruption! Where he was supposed to drill ten boreholes, he stole the money and had SADA sink one on his behalf, albeit a fatigable distance away from the community it was supposed to serve.

There is an age-old adage in Arabic that says, “If a camel could turn and see his hump, he’d fall and break his neck!” This is Murtala Mohammed, who is shouting like a pained hyena chased by the lion king.

And it is so obvious, because the position of Senior Minister never occurred to the NDC. It is a fine creation of the NPP that helps to streamline the affairs of government. In fact, the role of the Senior Minister is quite apt, and punching holes into it is tantamount to an impossible attempt to contaminate space.

Murtala Mohammed alleges that the Senior Minister completed a building in one year, and questioned the reason why it was untouched for a number of years only for it to be completed now. Well, this kind of reasoning can only come from an empty barreled fool; lacking values and respect for age and leadership.

But I ask him, why not? Was it not him, Felix Ofosu Kwakye, and many many other thieves in the NDC who bought properties in pseudonyms very shortly into the administration of John Evans Atta Mills, as it was alleged at the time? Was it not revealed that his drunkard Boss, John Mahama, bought a 400 room hotel in Dubai, 3 cargo vessels that were docked in Tokyo, and many other properties?

Was it not Ibrahim Mahama, who wanted to legally steal the bauxite deposits of Ghana? Was it not the same Ibrahim Mahama, who was involved in many allegations of theft, fraud, and corruption? It was certainly not Osafo Marfo, who issued over 40 dud cheques to CEPS, but Ibrahim Mahama did! Was it not the fraudsters in the NDC who grabbed lands like there was no tomorrow? M

urtala Mohammed should relinquish the government property that he acquired and must account for the landed properties that he developed in spite of the fact that he had no profitable business or inheritance to warrant such acquisitions, as alleged.

The Military lands were almost taken over in a sleek manner by Ibrahim Mahama had the NPP not won power. The Aviation lands and those parcels between 37 and GoldHouse were allegedly stolen by the same NDC person in a very smart way. Murtala must remove the log in his eyes before attacking credible people like Osafo Marfo.

Murtala Mohammed, as his people alleged, was the same person, who stole moneys given to his constituents from the Common Fund and many more financial instruments to alleviate their suffering. Then he has the nerve to spew nonsense in a show of great disrespect towards honourable people whose lives are filled with patriotism to GOD and country.


Osafo Marfo’s nickname is “edwuma wura”, during his days as MP, and until now.

He continues to transform his community in many more positive ways than the whole NDC machinery can think of. If not for anything at all, this man was the main backbone behind the success of the National Investment Bank.

He actually picked it up as it was crumbling and saved the face of the nation by refusing to let it fall. The very Murtala Mohammed’s people would have suffered further penury if the bank had collapsed, during his days as MD, were it not for Honourable Osafo Marfo.

Besides, if after decades of toil as a professional in his field he is unable to show anything for his achievements, then he would be a total failure.

But thank GOD, he has proven his mettle and substantiated the pride that all well-meaning Ghanaians, including me, have in him. I am one person proud in my association with Honourable Osafo Marfo.

For one thing, he has no time for frivolous people and discussions. He has been central to the governments of the NPP and many others since independence.

You cannot malign this man with corruption and be proven right. If Murtala Mohammed wants to equate his failure and that of gay John Mahama to anything in NPP, then Osafo Marfo’s shoe is cleaner than his head and the pedigree that he hails from.

Osafo Marfo will not be maligned!!!

Columnist: Fadi Dabousi
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