Our Volta ancestors might curse any of us who votes for NPP

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Fri, 25 Nov 2016 Source: Mordey Yaw David

By Mordey Yaw David

I have no doubt that my people in Volta will take revenge over Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia’s description of us as foreigners. It took me sleepless months to endure Bawumia’s nude falsehoods scored against the good people of my region and that some 76,000 foreigners in the Volta Region were found on Ghana’s Voter Register.

He claimed to have used a biometric facial recognition technology to identify the said people on Voter Registers of both Ghana and Togo. Bawumia justified that some of us in the Volta Region are foreigners. He alleged that was just 10% of his work in the Volta Region concerning Ghana’s Electoral Roll saga. How can someone seeking to be Vice President of Ghana orchestrate this outrageous nation dividing allegation? Only God knows the kind of country that can elect such broad day light and shameless liar.

Soon after this gigantic disgrace, Bawumia and his NPP called for 30% of votes from the Volta Region. In fact, only mathematically deficient brains will set a target of 30% when indeed they secured just 12.93% in the previous election. No wonder! Bawumia is teaching them another Statistics where one can use 10% of his/her work to make such lunatic conclusions and recommendations, that is Bawumia for you. My worry is, “if Voltarians will truly give them the 30% come December 7." I am very much optimistic that NPP will encounter another sound and naked disappointment from us, as far as this year’s election is concerned.

This is not the first time Voltarians have been treated unfairly by these Busia-Dankwa traditionalists, the late Mr. Victor Selormey, former Deputy Minister of Finance in the government of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) died in prison because of NPP’s cruelty. Former President Jerry John Rawlings had his diplomatic entitlements ceased, this dubious agenda was spearheaded by Mr. Akufo-Addo himself.

It took the effort of the like of Hon. Okudjeto Ablakwa in demonstrations and protests for astute Lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata’s freedom after his unlawful and unfair treatment. Hon. Dan Abodakpi, Minister of Trade and Industry in the government of the same National Democratic Congress had his share of NPP’s plain discrimination using their judicial prowess and powers, all in the name of law.

So, Hon. Dzifa Attivor, former Minister of Transport under the current National Democratic Congress, NDC government said it all, “Voltarians should vote massively to retain their governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) in power else, the NPP will imprison all Ewe leading members of the NDC in the unlikely event that NPP wins." Her patriotic comment was necessary, commendable and in fact, timely.

Any council can condemn it but the good and lovely people of Volta Land will act accordingly. You can’t take ours through such reprehensive embarrassment and call for our votes. We are going to use our thumbs to protect our fundamental human rights and dignity.

As a patriotic son of the Volta Region, I will without any hesitation call on all and sundry within the Volta enclave of the country to vote massively for the NDC and reject shameless Akufo-Addo and his NPP over their naughtiness and partialities melted on innocent natives of the Region.

Voting for NPP whose apparatchiks ever called for our killing in the Volta Region could bring unending calamities onto us. If Bawumia and Akufo-Addo were truly in need of our votes, they wouldn’t have called us foreigners and aliens from Togo. Our ancestors have already demonstrated perilous omen to those who might be tempted to vote for NPP.

Three sympathizers of NPP in the Volta Region perished with several others injured in a motor accident on the Mafi-Kumasi to Adidome road in the Volta Region. As if that wasn’t enough, Opana and his Campaign Team got stranded in Dambai again for a number of hours before crossing the great Oti River. Similar thing happened in 1996 and 2012, and I was expecting the NPP to find amicable solutions to addressing the problems they have created for themselves in Volta Region.

We don’t need to consult Baba Fakunle from Ile Ife to disclose to us the calamity that will come upon any Voltarian who dare vote for NPP. The new insult in town is that “Voltarians are now wising up to vote for NPP,” and what I told myself was, “so we were fooling in the previous elections” I simply concluded that I will continue to fool these people in the ballot box. We will welcome them in our numbers and reject them secretly with our sovereign thumbs.

I am told Akufo-Addo promised to build a harbour for us in Keta. His Keta Habour project can be done by H. E. John Dramani Mahama and the NDC who have built a new university (University of Health and Allied Sciences) for the region. NPP has no credibility and capacity to build a Habour for Volta when indeed they collapsed the Yeji Fishing Habour built by former President Jerry John Rawlings in the Brong Ahafo Region. How can we entrust the destiny of this country into the hands of such nation wreckers and vampires?

In fact, the biggest achievement of NPP in the Volta Region in their 8 years is their “HIPC Toilet Facilities” yet they claim to love Voltarians. Our hope as a people is to see a simple dynamic and vision oriented leader who can provide us with basic amenities and interventions, instead of politicians promising heaven on earth. President John Mahama has finalized agreement with Swiss African Oil Company and PET Volta Investment to start onshore oil and gas exploration in the Keta Basin; hence he can do the Keta Harbour.

President John Mahama has done the Ho Central Market; hence he can do the Keta Harbour. President John Mahama has done the University of Health and Allied Science; hence he can do the Keta Habour. President John Mahama has done 6 new Community Day Schools (E Blocks) with additional ones under construction in the region ; hence he can do the Keta Harbour.

President John Mahama has done part of the Eastern Corridor Roads abandoned by the NPP in 8 years; hence he can do the Keta Harbour. President John Mahama has asphalted roads in Ho, Keta, Denu, Kpando, Hohoe among others; hence he can do the Keta Harbour. President John Mahama will commission the Ho Airport this very month; hence he can do the Keta Harbour.

President John Mahama has done Dove-Aveyime, Agbozume-Aflao, Dzogadze-Agbodrafor, Kpando-Dambai and Ho-Adidome roads; hence he can do the Keta Harbour. Opana can’t woo us with his fake Keta Harbour and “one to one something" promises.

We no longer trust Mr. Akufo-Addo and his NPP over several untruths told to people outside the region, they claimed to have done the Keta Sea Defence Wall when they were in government. In fact, they triumphed to the whole world that their biggest investment ever was on the Keta Sea Defence Project. Soon after few years, it took H. E. John Dramani Mahama to rescue the ailing Wall Project in keta.

So NPP has no good plan for Volta except NDC which proved beyond all reasonable doubt that they are eager to put Volta on the line of prosperity. Opana should begin to think about votes elsewhere and forget of the Volta Region because his 12.93% votes will surely drop like a stone thrown from heaven.

On the more serious note, I want to call on every single native of Volta to remember where we come from and make a decision that will maintain our human dignity as a people. Voting for hollow headed and incapable politicians who always describe us as Togolese and fools will amount to planting a time bomb under our own carpet.

At least we know where we come from and always know where we intent to go. Deciding on arrogance, dictatorship, divided entity, intolerance and disunity will shatter our quest to establish a formidable grounds for prosperity and peace that we have been yearning for. As a peace loving people, we must put our individual interests aside and champion the course of nationality. God bless mother Ghana and Volta.

Long Live Volta

Long Live NDC

Long Live Ghana

Mordey Yaw David, a son of Volta

Columnist: Mordey Yaw David
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