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Perpetual Motion Portable Electric Generators

Can the Design and manufacture of Perpetual Motion Portable Electric Generators for homes and aviation help Ghana succeed?

The next great economic opportunity for Ghana can be gained by refocusing national strategy for design and development of portable Electric generators, use of super conducting wires and use of aviation assets on economic development, not solely on oil and mineral exploration. The philosophy of training engineers for development of portable electric generators and aviation can serve as a catalyst to create a new economic engine. This will fuel the continued growth for the nation’s economy, generating advancements in the overall quality-of-life for all citizens. Thus, development of portable electric generators and use of aviation should be viewed as a national priority. Mother Ghana has to seek to validate the true potentials of Electric generators and aviation. The knowledge gain in the design and manufacture of portable electric generators can help for electric motors for cars and future electric aeropropulsion. That is, can design and manufacture portable electric generators and use of aviation asset in other sectors of the economy in our digital space-time truly benefit the nation as a whole? If so, what must be done to realize such benefits, and what must Ghana do to make this happen?

Electricity and magnetism are freely available as the air we breathe and quantum mechanics knowledge can help opens the doors that are shut.

Dear Ghanaians, mysticism is the digital point (space and time) where knowledge meets ignorance to say hello. Belief can be a trap (science, religion and culture). Open minded skepticism t can help.

Joe Klatsi, MSc.AE, BSc.AE, FAA A&P Tech.

(Aviation & Aerospace and Subjective Science Researcher)

Columnist: Klatsi, Joe

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