Political Insults Could Breed Civil War in this Country

Fri, 24 Feb 2012 Source: Baafi, Alex Bossman

Alex Bossman Baafi

As part of our democratic dispensation and advancement to lift ourselves from the poverty, diseases and underdevelopment, the National Media Commission (NMC) liberalized the airwaves. That was to ensure the good people of this country would have the opportunity to be entertained, informed and educated about the issues of development in the country. We now have many radio stations as well as television stations dotted around the country.

One important educative programme that takes place on radio and television stations nationwide is political discussion on issues which from all intent and purposes attract a huge number of audience. The beauty of these liberalized airwaves, in my opinion is that, it affords many who are interested in the daily political happening of event in our country and beyond get informed with the touching of the radio and television sets.

What is worrying is that these days radio and television platforms have been turned into boxing arena where individual political leaders are made “punching bags” and are beaten to last atom of their strengths. The educated representatives of the various parties, who are supposed to know better, are sent to educate the masses about the development agenda for the nation of the parties when given the mandate of the good people of this country, often forget why they are on the platforms and engage in irresponsible insults to the leadership of the political divide. For example, news had it that police had to rush to avert possible clash at Joy FM (ghanaweb general news on Thursday 23 February, 2012). What for?

The leadership of the ruling NDC and the leading opposition NPP are the most guilty of abusing our airwaves which could easily breed civil war in this country if it continues unchecked. It is now the order of the day that both parties send their spokespersons to radio and televisions stations to show skills of using abusive language on the leadership of each other. For me it is a waste of golden opportunity to educate the general public of what their political philosophy, ideology, mission or vision are all about. It is rather disappointing that very many important people have voiced out against this politics of insults but the communication teams of these parties have blocked their ears to the detriment of the peaceful wellbeing of our dear country.

These worthless and unworthy political insults must cease effective immediately to avert the looming danger of plunging this country in chaos, anarchy and war which will bring nothing but wanton destruction of lives and properties to throw our country backward. I am not a prophet of doom but I could foresee that the current irresponsible and reckless political insults on our airwaves have become a ticking time bomb waiting to explode to consume all of us more especially as we are in election year and political platform campaigning is about to commence.

As a good citizen of this land, my few words of advice first goes to the political leadership of all parties more especially NDC and NPP to be mindful of their campaign messages. They should carefully articulate their arguments based on issues and devoid of insults, vilifications and character assassinations because we are one people. Again, the leadership must make it a duty to educate and keep their spokespersons in check to eschew insults in their discussions and public pronouncements. Those who will prove stubborn and go against the directive of the leadership should be held accountable and sanctioned accordingly. Also, my appeal goes to those moderators of our radio and television stations to set agenda discussions based on focusing on issues that unite us more as a nation and avoid those that strongly divide us. Their platforms should always made sacred and sacrosanct for healthy discussions that will move the nation forward irrespective of which political party that will freely , fairly and transparently win the mandate of the people through the ballot box come the general election in 2012.

It is the collective responsibility of government and the general public to ensure that peace prevails in this country before, during and after the general elections in December 2012. This is because Ghana is more important than any political leader or party. Enough is enough.

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Columnist: Baafi, Alex Bossman