Political Treachery verses Revolutionary Logic and Wisdom

Wed, 16 Nov 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

- Part 1

You cannot have any law and order in Any society or country where there is No Justice”, where social, economic, political and judicial morality has ceased to exist in Ruling Circles, Neither can you have Justice when TRUTH has gone to the DOGS in Ghana.

The Makola mothers, who liberated and redeemed the late Dr. Nkrumah did not wait for orders from ANYONE. The soldiers and officers who LIBERATED and REDEEMED their image on June 4 1979 did not have to wait for orders from anybody to save this country.

With God on their side, they did their moral and constitutional duty. The NPP must be made to TASTE their WELL DESERVED BEFEAT long before Dec. 7th 2008.

This, we must do by turning out in our multitudes to ALL NDC functions and take serious all NDC assignments in our various branches, constituencies, and regions as individuals and collectively as a Party” J.J. Rawlings, NDC Founder at a Press Conferences on July 1st 2008. J.J. he was on June 4, J.J. he was as PNDC Chairman in 1982 – 1992, J.J, he was as the First Civilian President of the 4th Republic from 1992 – 2000. J.J, he was in 2004, J.J. he was in 2008 and J.J. he is today 2011 by making sure that his ONLY BEGOTTEN POLITICAL SON Professor John Fiifi Atta Mills became President of the Republic of Ghana and was duely inaugurated on 7th Jan. 2009. J.J. Rawlings is classic, he is one of a kind! He is indeed special. What he said at that press conference was an incredible stuff


Now, what went wrong after NDC victory? Hear Madam Hannah Tetteh. “Jerry John Rawlings is a loose canon who sometimes loses sight of his role. He is a blessing and a curse, vital to the cause of his charismatic appeal, but equally as a loose cannon who sometimes loses sight of his role. This was said by Ms. Hannah Tetteh, who sang like a bird to the American Ambassador in Ghana without realizing that Foreign Diplomats are not friends to politicians in Africa. Ms. Hannah Tetteh further went on to say that the NDC will no more stand on a Rawlings ideology, but instead adopt an Nkrumalist philosophy which is in contravention of Article 6 of the NDC constitution which says in Black and White that the party was established on the vision and leadership of President Rawlings in 1992. She also told the American Ambassador that the NDC under President Mills planned to collapse the PNC and the CPP and merge them into the NDC in order to turn Ghanaian politics into a TWO PARTY SYSTEM”. It was a fine secret plan, hatched as far back as 2008, but courtesy demands that they should have defined a way of sitting down with the “Loose canon” who is incidentally the NDC founder-but this was not done, because they falsely believed that they could relegate Rawlings to the background and do whatever they liked with the NDC party because Mills is now the President of the Republic of Ghana. They should Attempt it and they would all Hear their “Piiga” in this country. Have they heared the Alarm Bells ringing LOUDLY already in Tamale and Accra by the NDC YOUTH that “NO Rawlings, No Vote in 2012 or not? It is Real, more will follow suit if these appointees and General Mosquito decide to treat the Rawlingses with contempt and dis-respect from now on, for it is now or never, because we are fed up with the extreme SELFISHNESS, GREED and INGRATITUDE that have been going on in the government on the BLINDSIDE of President Mills, since his inauguration in January 2009. We shall surely pay some ministers and MMDCE’s back in their own coins in 2012 for their extreme selfishness, greed, arrogance, disrespect, poor human relations and power drunkness and damn the consequencies because it is their own general characters and NOT that of President Mills. They would see the land of Canaan, but their feet will never step there – So they would see Parliament House BUT they would NOT SET FOOT on the floor of Parliament because they would become more arrogant, selfish, greedy and more disrespectful, if they are sent there. This is simple logic, because Tit for Tat is No sin worldwide. Government appointees must be reminded that, without the support of the people, THEY ARE ALL NOTHING. Those ministers and MMDCE’s who falsely believe that cadres and footsoldiers are DUMIES would all live to regret in 2012 when contesting as parliamentary candidates. Since the PNDC era in 1982, Chairman Rawlings survived over 27 coup attempts, and for 14 good years, Rawlings never visited the U.S.A because of security reasons since all TRUE CADRES in Ghana are fully aware that foreign diplomats are not friends of politicians long ago, so they could never extract information from ANY CADRE. E.G. An American spy once visited Obuasi and Hon. Kwame de Graft Adjei a former PNDC District Secretary provided a vono mattress from the District Assembly for him to come and lodge in the Mine Quarters that I was occupying with my wife and children. I was then the Chairman of the Arbitration and Complaints Department of the C.D.R’s (Arbicom) a position that I occupied from 1983-1992 on secondment from the then Ashanti Goldfields Corporation. That so-called American Volunteer moved heaven and earth to extract Revolution secrets from me, but failed. Instead, I taught him how to eat Dagaaba dishes which included “Tuozaafi with soup prepared with cassava leaves”, “Tumpaani” which is prepared from beans, “Kpogto” also prepared from beans”, “Koose” also prepared from beans, “Konkonte” – also prepared from dried cassava, and “Jor-jor” also prepared from leaves, mostly eaten by people from the Nandom traditional area where my dear wife hail from. Next, I taught him how to drink Pito very well until he left after 4 weeks stay with me. However, when he left after taking my address, he wrote me a very confidential letter – similar to “WikiLeaks” which I will NEVER DISCLOSE HERE for security reasons. Therefore, CADRES know where the NDC came from, where it is going, and how to get there without merging the PNC and CPP to the NDC and drive away the Rawlingses and this is non- negotiable because Rawlings is A gem and must be preserved until his natural death. Is anybody listening – I shall return when the Need Arise in Part 2 of this Article









Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement