Opinions Thu, 22 Aug 2013

Politicians Don't Think With Logic

- Because Money And Power Trump Logic

Think about the guy who works in construction or public service loses his home to the bank which his tax helped bail out. He then in turn is called every day by this very same bank because they just raised his interest rate on his credit card by doubling it. So why is our politicians not thinking in the best interest of us, the citizens of this once great country, the black star of Africa!

The truth is that 'Money and Power' trump logic. Therefore the politicians don't care about us, why should they? Once elected, they get their full pay, and benefits (including the best health care insurance) and 'OUR' money can buy FOR THEM, LIFE.

Once in this most exclusive club, the next step is to cultivate the right corporations and lobbyists to further themselves, to line their greedy pockets with more and more. They are pretty much above the law themselves, seldom do any of them do jail terms for their crimes IF they get caught. The atrocious insults are so nauseating because they still get to keep their six-figure salary and full benefits.

Just think and talk about unemployment and insurance (NHIS) benefits! Listen to their answers and you need to sit back, think as a rational being and you realize that as people we are lack logic. We are unable to sees through their disdainful acts toward the voters when they seek our mandate.

The little time they spend cultivating our votes pays off in spades - we are just a stepping stone to the good life.

Look at it like this - we have a NDC/NPP President, NDC/NPP Majority Parliament and NDC/NPP Majority MMDAs. Where is the logic with which the people that voted them into office. Do we expect it expect it to be devoid of partisan politics?

What is more baffling and disturbing is our collective inability to decipher their rhetoric. A more important question is why do we keep sending the same kind of politicians to the Parliament?

Or is it because it is very difficult to think clearly when your head is parked so far in the dark place with bad air and that, common sense and logic does not exist for you to think!

I think also that all is due because a lot of people vote based on how they "feel" about a candidate.

Our politicians are mostly opportunists, self-seekers, liars, state-coffers-depletors, thugs, criminals and braggarts. What can be said of them they are inconceivably incompetents at best! They are parasites sucking the blood of the nation. The field of politics has become such a nasty rostrum that decent persons dare not enter the portals that have become their lair. Our politicians could be compared and contrast with the Vermilion flycatcher. Its unique beauty can stupefy even great minds. Such are the agile wits of the politician, the ability to mesmerize and woe voters.

The parliament as it is today reflects the decay that has progressively destroyed almost all institutions in our society over several decades. Our parliament has very few persons of stature and even fewer persons of character. Parliamentary debates are not reproduced in the newspapers anymore, because they are not worth publishing! Our politicians are mostly opportunists, self-seekers, liars, state-coffers-depletors, thugs, criminals and braggarts.

In reality the Parliament has lost its oversight responsibilities to the Executive. It no longer functions as required by the Constitution but as a rubber stamp and an appendage of the Executive.

To reiterate what Justices stated in the contempt cases that the Supreme Court had to adjudicate. The Court cited instances of in-transient attitude of politicians. The SC rebuked politicians as been selfish in thinking only of themselves whilst, caring very little about the vast majority Ghanaians whose only wish is to live in a decent society to make a decent living.

We need to be reminded, from time to time, of in-transient beliefs about why we "care for the stranger". Justices demonstrated the need for it in our political culture and not political vampires seeking for blood, when they sanctioned various contemnors.

The 'Only' good thing and thinking that can be said of our MPs, they are incompetents at best. They are just like leeches sucking the blood of the nation having no regards for the ordinary Ghanaian. Owing to their convulsive attributes and posture decent persons dare not enter the portals that have become their lair!

Come to think of it! 'Politics' has indeed become the last abode and a haven for the rascal in Ghana.

Politics and politicians have crept into every aspect of our lives, and have tainted, devalued and degraded everything that matter to us as a people. This trend if not curtailed will evolve into a huge monster and become a curse for Ghana.

Therefore it was a welcome respite to many, then strong signal from the Supreme Court that, it has the wherewith or the 'means' to rein in obstinately disobedient and incorrigible politicians.

Other issues have to a large extent compounded the gavel of problems confronting the country. That is the winner takes all mentality.

The winner-takes-all voting system has also distanced the politician from the electorate, and diluted the accountability of the elected to the voters. All these factors have contributed to power being concentrated by design in the presidency and by necessity in the hands of the few men the President trusts - principally his kinsmen, who are no doubt intelligent, talented and very able individuals. However is this, the direction we should take in the future, though inevitable at this point in time? We should seriously discuss the issue.

Another issue we have to deal with is our Public Services and Politics. The public services are corrupt, lethargic and bloated. They have been deprived of authority and emasculated. The public servants have been made the boot-lickers of politicians and they in turn have gladly become politicians` servants- given rise to a symbiotic relationship that is now the bane of our nation.

The Ghana Police Service is just about the worst any country could have. The Police Service needs policing in Ghana! The police serve themselves first and the politicians and criminals next. The police service is distrusted by even men at the helm of our political structure! The last place any decent person would like to step into is a police station.

Next in line for scrutiny is our Religious Institutions. Religions are increasingly becoming a charade. They are a badge to wear and fight over, than instruments to make us a better people. Our institutionalized clergy and priesthood harbors perverts, pedophiles, violent men, criminals, war-mongers, rabble-rousers and terrorist-supporters. Where are the decency, tolerance, kindness, forgiveness and charitableness in a society that professes the world`s greatest religions and its accolade as the most religious nation on this planet called earth? These attributes are becoming harder to find in a society, where they were once in abundance. The more we talk about religion, the less religious we have become!

In concluding, let's take a bite about the 'Teacher and Politics'. Teachers whether in the schools or the universities - are rarely what they should be. They are also a frustrated and a neglected lot. What sort of young men and women would come out of such institutions? We have cram-shops of increasing intensity from the kindergartens to the universities. Are our schools providing an all round education to identify and develop the unique potential of each student?

We have made private tuition a parallel money spinning industry, at the expense of our schools. I have heard of university students going for private tuition! Who is setting long-term objectives in our education system? On what basis are school curricula formulated? What is the vision that guides our education system?

Finally, is it ethical that politicians are making promises that they cannot keep throughout their elections? And how does the Church/Islam tie into this topic and what do they say about it?

Columnist: Akwah, Nana