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Politics Of Anti- intellectualism

The growing intellectual madness swallowing the Npp is quiet worrisome and sparks a huge indictment on our democratisation.

Ghana's multi party democracy since independence had never been this ugly and disgusting as we currently have at hand in the npp, to the extent of settling internal party frictions and misunderstandings with guns and machete and worse of it all is the baptism of acid.

The party seems to have deviated from its core mandate of offering constructive criticisms to shapen government policy plans to influence development and to serves as an alternative government.

Unfortunately the Ghana's largest opposition party, the npp consistently engages in trivial politics, the recent spate of violence and despicable lawlessness are undisputable evidence.

The deep seated factionalism in the npp has ended creating a terrible rumpus and belligerent acrimony leaving the electoral fortunes of the largest opposition party in tatters and created a panic situation among its members and all Ghanaians as well.

Trading of accusations and counter accusations emanating from the recent unfortunate murder of the upper East regional chairman of the party coupled with the desperate attempt to ostracise the chairman and the general secretary based on mere speculations.

The general secretary and the chairman of the party stand accused by some key elements in the party of having masterminded the murder of the U/E chairman sighting Kwame Mpianin and former President Kuffour as their accomplices.

Others accused them of holding on to a diabolical plot called Agenda 2020 which threatens the presidential ambitions of the flagbearer.

Many have called on the two to honourably resign from their current post or face the wrath of perceived Akuffo Addo loyalist.

In my candid opinion, l think the call is most unfortunate.

Without prejudice to the ongoing investigations, Agyapong and Afoko are never guilty of any wrong doing unless otherwise proven by the investigation team and a court of competent jurisdiction.

In his recent press statement, to debunk the resignation hoax created in his name, Mr.Agyapong stated categorically that he would never resign "I have not resigned. I will not resign. I will stick to my position which I earned through my sweat and through the trust that the people of this party have in me. I have toiled and worked hard for this party and I am not ready to leave this position," "Good will eventually triumph over evil. The evil forces at play have tried to do this. There are people who want to destroy me; they can't do it. I am a Christian and I believe in divinity and what I am doing," despite the constitutional coup detat staged by various regional chairman and their executives to impeach them through a maneuvered vote of no confidence. This agenda was surprisingly backed by the members of parliament of the party despite the legal infractions it seeks to create.

This unbridled intellectual madness took a wrong turn when some miscreants in the party calling themselves the "invincible forces", "the Bolga bull dogs" and Kandaha got activated. These groups wielding all die be die branded mattchete seized the party's headquarters and denied the general secretary and the chairman access to their offices for a significant number of days.

How some big shots in the party runned into facile conclusions and accused the general secretary and the chairman of being the activators of the murder of the regional chairman and demanded resignation from the two was shocking . The hasty attempt to pin the two to the murder raises a lot of suspicions as many believe the murder was a kind of a wicked conspiracy theory propounded by anti Afoko and Agyapong functionaries to oust the two from the party indefinitely because their presence is perceived as monumental threat to the presidential ambitions of Akuffo Addo hence every cunning agenda must be activated to neutralise any influence the two have on the party and present them to the public and elephant faithfuls as nefarious cohorts.

The current Npp is a threat to national security and to the prevailing tranquillity in Ghana. The growing intolerance and acts of violence in the party are becoming excessively naughty and seeks to redicle our democracy.

The party is facially decorated to appear like an elites party but the level of anti-intellectualism, intolerance, ideological confusions, logical dislocations and the unbridled arrogance of some leadership of the party are so disgusting and leaves much to be desired.

Sometimes l wonder why a party of npp's calibre, often touted as a horn of democracy would walk such a ugly path. Sadly, Internal wrangling and misunderstandings are settled with baptism of acid and invectives instead of strengthening the party's conflict resolution mechanisms to address conflicts within the party.

The party had made several attempts to expounge characters who criticise the activities of the party from the record books of the party. Dr. Authur Kennedy, Dr. Charles Wireko Brobbey, Dr. Kofi Konadu Apraku these renowned personalities are rendered dysfunctional in the party and continue to suffer mockery and abusive caricatures any time they voice out.

The npp's understanding of democracy is paralysed by the consistent use of abusive language. Tongue lashing characters like Kennedy Agyapong and others have succeded in nailing the electoral fortunes of the npp onto the cross of failure with derogatory language laced with ethnocentrism and tribal bigotry.

No commitment is made to weaned the party from this politics of extreme provocations and violences because such irresponsible statements are never condemned by the party's leadership .

Some reckless and unguided commentary by certain characters had cost the party a lot.

The popular "all die be die" mantra coined by the flagbearer and several other inflammatory comments have deepen the public perception of violence and intolerance in the party a situation which has created tribal emity between the npp and the non Akan section of Ghanaians, no wonder the party is popular in just two regions out of the ten.

For the sake of multi party democracy, it's important the npp package and re-structure itself to appear as a credible alternative for the electorate. Brutality which is becoming the hallmark of npp must be addressed expeditiously to save its sinking image and the dwindling credibility of once an elites party which has become a safe haven for acts of political incendiary the and hooliganism.

Though call by the flagbearer to cease fire was positive but came very late after the terror has been unleashed because if he had spoken earlier, the death of the chairman could have been averted. So what exactly was he waiting for? Leadership crises fingured!!

Politics of acid bath is barbaric, uncivilised and primitive and must be condemned wholly. How a fine gentleman, a father apparently harmless was made to suffer such a horrifying death is mind boggling.

Other political party expecially the ruling ndc must pick a clue from this sad development in the npp and eschew politics of anti- intellectualism because the npp's situation could be mirrored in any other party, the scramble for power sometimes have ugly twist.

I therefore call on the leadership of the npp to wake of from their slumber. The earlier they realise the npp is a public asset the better and owns a responsibility of being a better alternative to offer stiff electoral competition to the ruling Ndc for the sake of our democracy.

Handing the fortunes and the prospects of a nation to a party that lack the capacity to do internal organisation is too dangerous to try. The Bible is my witness.(1Timothy 2;4)

From Ivan Kyei Innocent /nanakyei81@gmail.com /0206262717

Columnist: Innocent, Ivan Kyei