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RE: Honest Politicians Have No Place in Our Party

RE: Honest Politicians Have No Place in Our Party

Fri, 26 Sep 2008 Source: Sarpe, Purgu

A rejoinder to: "Honest Politicians Have No Place in Our Party," says CPP By Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, Jr., Ph.D. Feature Article | Tue, 09 Sep 2008

- by Purgu Sarpe!

May I kindly accord you the decency of a serious civil discourse, over serious national issues, by assuring you that I strongly suspect you as a person, such as your decent self, like all decent people, find the latest presidential in vinos veritas, this time at Abuakwa, errh, Tweneboa Kodua School Park precisely, in the Atwima-Nwabiagya District, errh, a little bit embarrassing? If that is the case, then is it safe to assume that much as we do not expect the president to be benevolent to all the children of God, even though such could be our humble wish, dont we have a right to seek to impose on the Presidency of this country, the enforcement of the constitutional duty that is the president's, irrespective of party political affiliations: to ensure the sound education of the younger citizens of the Fourth Republic of Ghana?

Dont we have a duty to ensure that this responsibility extends to appointing competent people to sensitive posts in the educational front and protecting them from the vultures of the school feeding programme, unbridled display of intractability and inflexibility, a harder-than-chisel attitude towards Educational workers and Teachers and deal gently with their freely chosen representatives such as the GNAT, and TEWU! etc, etc etc., you see what I mean?

How do you honestly expect the millions of the veranda boys who are waking up everyday to see the stealing of our educational resources and mismanagement of the rest, under the *corrupt/elitist-NPP* government which does not even acknowledge their hunger or worse, the only commandment they get from the elitist-NPP Moses is that "they are hungry because they are lazy! It is all their fault. Nobody should help them! They have their lazy selves to blame for all their woes!", to vote?

It would not surprise me in the least if we do not have already some cash from companies hoping to receive lucrative contracts as no doubt, part of preparations to deal with these poor souls who are going to fall foul of the law. Corrupt/elitist Joshua Akuffo Addo has no doubt got in his campaign funds, cash donations from companies who are going to sell police uniforms, batons, tear gasses, rubber bullets, boots and whistles, and heavens know what else is in the stock! And is gearing up to double the police force, instead of embarking upon crime prevention social initiatives because "they are lazy people who did not want to go to school, who did not want to work, and now they are stealing everything in sight! They do not want to work but only to steal!"

The level of systemic breakdown must certainly indicate clear hands of incompetence or ordinary stupidity on the one hand and the other a God-only-knows-how-i-make-it-existence of millions! To those who are for now only struggling just to stay alive until Ghana becomes independent again, the message has already gone down that perhaps, if this president denies our hunger and calls us lazy, we have to vote skirt and blouse. Perhaps the CPP is jealous of its good fortune and good name and does not seek to be contaminated by a Kangaroo dancing political opportunist who openly declares his readiness to sell his own mother for political power!

The message has gone down very well, especially also to the those who in the past used to vote CPP because they could clearly see the difference between the veranda boys party and the corrupt/elitist-NPP. I am not sure Freddie Blay is intentionally trying to sacrifice himself to promote the image of the CPP. No, that is not his style, but what he has done has provided the CPP to once more distance itself from the corrupt/elitist-NPP. Your party, my dear honourable Ahoofe, for you are all honourable men, is slowly becoming an electoral pariah,a no-vote catcher, you see? That is what it means.

Meanwhile, as the real thieves go dd, tpu, sd/cja, LICDK!!! , *(dd: detected and protected; tpu: temporarily protected and undetected; and dsd/cja,LICDK!!!: detected and shot down by the CJA, like in the case of Dr. Kufour!!!) ,*

if only, you could simply pay lip services to the right to education as quality education becomes a mirage for the poor and the standards of the public schools begin to be a cause for depression, without stealing and protecting thieves, perhaps, perhaps you would still have accomplished your neo-liberal anti education agenda.

The hemorrhage of educational resources through looting, negligence and incompetence, has serious consequences on peace and security, on the stability of the state, on the increases in violent crime, marginalisation, prostitution and drugs, and armed robbery! Instead of fewer children dropping out of school, and becoming veranda boys, treated lazy by the president, arrested and prosecuted by the police as delinquents, jailed as criminals, the whole country could be a home for the empowerment of every Ghanaian child to develop their talents, originality, creativity and their usually very extremely pleasant and selfless personalities if our politicians would not steal our resources, and the president would not defend thieves even when they have been caught red-handed.

So elitist that in their very candid opinions even on political platforms, veranda boys become the dogs who need to be killed by being given a bad name: Lazy!If you are wondering what my point is, Ill tell you. My point is that it is stupid to call victims of misguided economic policies, incompetence, corruption, criminal abuse of authority, as lazy! After looting educational resources with the face and hands of Dr. Tuffour of the School Feeding Programme 'fame'. whom you defended to the hilt even after the game was clearly over, is that the kind of message to the victims of the verbatim implementation of the neo-liberal economic agenda of multinational companies whose principal objective is profit and not jobs?

By distancing itself from the corrupt/elitist-NPP, the so-called rump CPP is making itself very attractive to people like me and Mr. Kwesi Pratt, Jnr and millions of disappointed fans It is an important first step towards, I believe to be best way to help improve the quality of life for all! Is it too much to ask in this day and time when you claim yourself that Ghana is moving forward? Is it a bit too much to say that food, clothing and shelter impact on education? That children who eat food, wear clothes, and live in homes, do better at school than a starving child even if the poor soul has a home, some clothes, a caring mother and, of course one of the presidents lazy citizens and a desperado, for a father, since the father is unemployed?

Yes, before any of these boys go to jail, can we stop now and deal with the young ones dropping out of school today? These are children who are dropping out of school because the corrupt/elitist NPP steals whatever they can conveniently lay hands upon. They become unemployed because instead of supporting initiatives at the World Trade Organisation level by poor third world countries like Ghana to exert of right to development through international trade, the corrupt/elitist NPP government has systematically entered into agreements with Europe and America, which sabotage global initiatives by the poor in demanding a halt in the demands on our government not to subsidise agriculture, whilst at the same time they import heavily subsidised agricultural products which kill local industries, which in turn, kill employment.

*The rump-CPP shall continue to carry the flame until final victory*

Considering the zeal with which this corrupt/elitist-NPP have been in the driving seat in leading Africa to sign away AGOAs, EPAs, the right of US soldiers, even if they are wanted for crimes against humanity, including genocide, to pay us 'visits' without the threat of being arrested and tried by the international criminal court! If the corrupt/elitist-NPP could have dedicated the same zeal in thinking about our young citizens, they would have reduced by half the need for the CPP flame to burn.

How very convenient!

Columnist: Sarpe, Purgu