RE: Mills Disillusioned Crestfallen AT NDC Rally

Mon, 19 Mar 2012 Source: Yawose, John

NDC agressiveness is waning. NDC have not had a rally for a long time. They seem beaten to the game by NPP.

Frightened Mills started developing goose pimples thinking about the prospect of a disgraceful defeat in December at the hands of Akufo Ado, the man of the moment. So Mills and his corrupt officials hurriedly arranged yesterday’s Matse Abonnaa rally in Accra to sort of give equalization to NPP gigantic turn- up, some four weeks ago. Mills was fistly disillusioned because the Rawlings factor was absent for known reasons, of course. He wrongly thought Rawlings would have a last minute change of mind out of his/NDC manipulations and tricks.

Somehow, there are those living in the dreamland that Rawlings need NDC more than the other way round. So they think Rawlings owe them apology. The crowd at the rally was dull and insipid. The crowd responses to Speaker after Speakers’ wild exhortations were colourless, dumb, wishy -washy. Is this NDC rally? Mills hallucinated?

“”How come this should happen in our first rally towards December? Should I resign? The omens don’t look good!”” Mills was in wonderland.

The situation became worse when Mills started to speak to the rally. Mills became more disillusioned and this time really disenchanted when he noticed that there was no enthusiasm amongst the crowd—NDC members. NDC members at the rally seemed to have actually lost interest in the proceedings- in their Flagbearer who is also the President, in the run- up to the elections. There was no enthusiasm. Everything was tasteless and characterlessly flat. Even, many at the rally were yawning and dozing off momentarily. Mills speech was a lullaby. Mills boring speech, without any inspiration and real hope sent many to sleep.

To strategise, Mills really has to sit down with his equally visionless and vicious advisers to revise their notes. Perhaps to make a resolution now, that----“To bring Rawlings on board now is a task that must be done”

But the million dollar question is --has Rawlings ever reconciled with someone he ever had a tiff with? Check out from PNDC days— Kojo Tsikata, Dr.Obed Asamoa, Ato Ahwoi, PV Obeng, Hana Bisiw, Major Boakye Djan, Victor Smith—name them. Somebody must give me an example of Rawlings reconciliation with his adversary.

He who is down needs fears no fall. Mills and his delusional followers have put Rawlings on the ground for now so Rawlings and his million of followers fear no fall again. Mills and his greedy bastards are on top so they fear to fall. So Mills must make the moves, smarter moves Perhaps, Mills will chart another excellent precedent- To get Rawlings reconciled with him after the drawn out friction between them.

It seems it is too late for now for Mills to rehabilitate his image with Rawlings. Mills is disappointed, disillusioned and disenchanted. He knows the inevitable is imminent. He knows the time is now for the man pf the moment- Akufo Ado. NDC members are not happy with these happenings!!

Columnist: Yawose, John