Rawlings, tell Ghanaians the truth or we’ll expose you

Jerry John Rawlings Headshot Former President John Rawlings

Mon, 18 Jul 2016 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Former President J.J Rawlings single handedly nominated the late President Atta Mills as the presidential candidate of the NDC at Swedru in 1996 by force-against the wishes of his own cadres who made him what he is today 2016.

Professor Mills contested and lost the general elections in 2000 and 2004 but finally won the 2008 general elections.

From the very day that President Mills was sworn in as President of Ghana, the NPP started campaigning against him through a strategy of vilification and throwing anything that could discredit him at him. Surprisingly, the NPP was helped by no other person than the founder of the NDC who said that Professor Mills has already lost the 2012 general election which was two years away.

J.J Rawlings further broke the camel's back by asking the Electoral Commission to launch a full scale investigation into claims by the NPP that they were robbed of victory in the 2008 election under mysterious circumstances. The use of the word “INVESTIGATIONS” created an impression that the elections were deliberately mismanaged for the purpose of facilitating the victory of the NDC in which he Rawlings spent sleepless nights to campaign for in 2008.

I think it was very irresponsible. I don’t know what Rawlings has against the NDC-a party he founded, and together, we sacrificed extremely to build into a formidable foundation 24 years ago.

We (Cadres) know a lot about him, and I think he is preparing himself gradually for a World class humiliation, but we won’t say it now.

Jerry Rawlings must examine his conscience and come out to tell NDC members in particular the truth, and Ghanaians in general because he is hiding something from the NDC and the Ghanaian people.

How can the Rawlingses continue to provoke cadres daily in this way? Former president Rawlings would set a very bad example for himself, his children and generations yet unborn if he refuses to let the black cat out of the bag. As time passes by, there would be a time when some cadres would take it upon themselves to disclose the secrets of Rawlings which would rip him off the respect he has worked for in life because he was the very person who imposed Prof. Mills on the NDC by force in 1996, so Mills was the number one Rawlings boy.

J.J. Rawlings must search for his soul and examine his conscience and tell the truth because what he has done to the late Prez Mills and the NDC, and what he's still doing to President Mahama and the NDC is unforgivable, and the Cadres would never sit down and allow him to do what he likes. We no go sit down and watch as if we don't know what to do.

He must search for his soul and ask himself if he has the effrontery to help the opponents of the NDC to attack and destroy the party he founded with blood.

A Word to the wise is enough. If I have nothing at all, I know how to dodge Lt. Col. Annor Odjidja’s dreaded Military Intelligence (MI) from arresting me and killing me from October 1979 to the 30th of December 1981 when the Revolution was finally launched and June Four Members till we became FREE FOREVER because we created the JUNE 4 Platform, worked day and night mobilizing Ghanaians at the risk of our lives to support a coming Revolution headed by Rawlings by outwitting the Military Intelligence that shot and killed dozens of June Four Members between 1979 and 1981.

Cadres are very fearless and not cowards. We (Cadres) have NOTHING TO LOSE APART FROM OUR LIVES. WE ARE NOT PREPARED TO DIE TWICE. Never! It won’t happen this time round. From the 31st December Revolution in 1981 to the democratic dispensation in 1992 which is 24 years ago, this writer has never counted GH¢1000.00 been money paid to me by the PNDC or the NDC, but I am still in the system defending the great NDC since I took up my pen from 1996 to date 2016. I am not sponsored by any person or group of persons whatsoever to write these hard hitting Articles to the media too.

Some people think they can take over the NDC party and do what they want – they should look at the fate of the Rawlingses who attempted taking the Party in 2011 and some 5.5 million Ghanaians told them point blank that it is no more their personal property in 2012 and rather voted massively for Prez Mahama for a one touch victory to the annoyance of the Rawlingses.

Dear Reader, are you surprised and want more? Then keep your fingers crossed, I shall Return.

NB: Those 'Latter Day Saints' planning to take over the NDC, and turn it into their personal property must prepare to meet the people’s wrath by cadres, is that clear?

Writer's e-mail: clementsang@yahoo.com

Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement