Rejoinder: Re- Court Orders Nii Okaija III

Sat, 22 Sep 2012 Source: Kokor, Naa

In regards to COURT ORDERS NII OKAIJA III. The article by the Daily Graphic seemed to have indicated that Thomas Okine (who has been parading himself as Nii Ayi Bonte) has been declared the Gbese Mantse as a result of the Restraining Order placed on Nii Okaidja III. This is NOT SO!!

Indeed, after 6 years and for the first time in this dispute, a Restraining Order has been placed on Nii Okaidja III by a High Court; therefore there are ample opportunities for appeal. And with ample confidence, an appeal is certainly in process. At this stage, we would therefore leave the rest for the courts to decide later. However, it important to stress that Nii Okaidja III is abiding by the Order, as all law abiding people should.

Thomas Okaine(parading as Nii AyiBonte) has had a Restraining Order GTC/J6/2008 placed on him preventing him from acting or performing as Gbese Mantse. The Order goes back as far as 8th August 2008. The same Order was recently confirmed in a High Court Ruling AP 164/2010 presided over by His Lordship K. A. Oforu Atta. His Lordship ruled at page 16, that since it has NOT been established that the Ruling - which restrains Thomas Okaine(parading as Nii Ayi Bonte, Gbese Mantse) - has BEEN VACATED, SET ASIDE OR OVERRULED, then he is BOUND BY IT!

Unfortunately, he has contemptously flauted and continues to flaut the Order with impunity. It is unfortunate because no matter how much one defies the law, it eventually catches up with the contemnors. The difference we are seeing here is that on one hand, there is the one who is abiding by the law(no matter how bad it is); and on the other hand there is the one who is ignoring the law for whever reason.


Naa Kokor Personal Assistant to Nii Okaidja III

Columnist: Kokor, Naa