Relocate Abossey- Okai spare parts dealers.

Abossey Okai1 Government has taken off the import duty on spare parts

Tue, 11 Jul 2017 Source: Kwaku Adu-Gyamfi

I was speaking with someone the other day when I went to buy parts for my car at Abossey–Okai

He asked me, “What’s the most important thing the government can do to help these people at Abossey-Okai, apart from taking off the import duty on spare parts?”

I said, “The entire business must be relocated to more spacious, hygienic, inviting and accessible location, outside Accra”.

If you haven’t bought parts from Abossey-Okai during raining season lately, please skip this piece—feel free to read something else. I don’t want to spoil your day!

However, I feel fairly confident that you’re still with me at this point because you’ve had at least one experience there. I’m not talking about the cutthroat prices and other tricks the dealers sometimes play on the customers.

That place has so many unemployed people than the labour office. And, they are willing to help you get any part you want as long as they can add their own price to it. “I’ll get it from our other stores for you, wait right here!”They will instruct and give you a seat.

In fact, I can take the little inconveniences and con games and rip-offs, but I can’t stand the unhygienic and disorganized landscape of the place. It makes me wonder why such money –making place has turned into a dump with its plastic-choked gutters.

It will be nice if these people are moved to a spacious place with its layout sewage system, etc ,and modern amenities like: Toilets, restaurants, modern mechanic garages, auto body shops, car wash parlor, welders, gym and recreation area where people can sit and relax while waiting for their parts or vehicles to be checked or fixed.

In fact, we can top it off with automotive technical institute (ATI) and clinic. Why not?

Yes, I know I sound like a dreamer but since the government is talking about one –district, one- factory and job creation, I think if we moved these people to a better location more jobs can be created there and the parts dealers will laugh all the way to the bank with healthy minds and bodies. That will be a win, win situation for the nation as well.

Oh, I didn’t hear Hallelujah from you at all. Let the congregation say “Amen!” Anyway, I have my fingers crossed with crazy glue, hoping against hope that one day I will wake up and read in the news: “Abossey-Okai auto parts dealership has been relocated to a better location”.

That’s my dream and I know it will come to pass before NPP’s first term is over.

No, I ain’t pandering to any group or anyone, just expressing my wishes. Any problem with that? I hope not!

Columnist: Kwaku Adu-Gyamfi