Revealed: John Mahama doles out $1 million to Dele Momodu

Sat, 9 Jul 2016 Source: Dabbousi, Fadi

President John Mahama seems to have run out of ideas on how to embellish his damaged image. But that is not where the betrayal is! To say that he has lost every sense of patriotism to Ghana is an understatement, and that is very treasonable. Now that I have mentioned it, let me renew my call for him to be impeached without any further delay.

In furtherance of our relevant topic, it is important that Ghanaians know where their money is going, and to whom it is served on a silver platter. President Mahama and his team of lackeys have often snubbed Doctors, nurses, teachers and others with their singular most popular soundtrack, "there is no money". Unknown to them, uncompassionate John Mahama is doling out the nation's money to undeserved scoundrels. A peeved NDC communicator (name withheld) confirmed the suspicion of every reasonable and mentally sound Ghanaian; and that is the continual willful financial loss suffered the State.

President John Mahama has employed the services of a Nigerian fraudster to clean up the mess of fustian indulgence and excessive corruption, albeit in vain. Out of the blues came gabbling a big fat goose. Dele Momodu, according to the NDC communicator, was given a lump sum of $1 million (One million US Dollars), which is equivalent to GHs 4 million (four million Ghana cedis). His mission? To embellish the image of John Mahama! And more money would be given to him as the elections drew closer.

Dele Momodu can be aptly described as a political scammer, fraudster. In other words, a political 419 non-entity. Well, how else would you describe a person who would go to all lengths to stand as a Presidential Candidate of Nigeria without any basis just to harvest the cash that is made available for such people? Besides, according to sources, he was entrusted with huge amounts of money by the late Presidential hopeful Abiola. That all vanished after Abiola died.

Since then, he has made a life scuttling between Ghana, and the UK, and more recently his country, Nigeria. However, due to the probity that has characterised the governance of President Buhari, Dele Momodu hardly spends a few days in a row in Nigeria. Other than that, he is always on the prowl for people of his claibre to use and abuse. Today he has managed to hop onto the back of President Mahama to help himself to the poor Ghanaian taxpayers' money. And of course, our toping President is gladly giving him a jolly good ride.

Fellow Ghanaians, it is implacable, to say the least, to be scandalised by Dele Momodu, who has pocketed over one million US Dollars of the nation's money when Doctors are abandoning post due to non-payment of their arrears. Same is no different with nurses. What is treasonable is the fact that our own Excellency, President John Mahama, has given this foreign thief leverage over us the citizenry. Teachers are abandoning post because they have not been paid in over two years. NHIS is on the rocks. Pre and post natal care are on a cash and carry basis as are other basic essential services. Other than that, while Dele Momodu is frolicking in the glory of Ghanaian wealth, an NDC communicator, Stephen Atubiga tells coffin makers that they should prepare because there will soon be a high demand for their products due to the mayhem that his party will unleash on innocent Ghanaians. The BNI will not investigate such atrocious genocidal threats because they are being spewed by John Mahama's boys. Should the tables turn around and similar incriminating rubbish be uttered by members of the opposition parties, the same sheepish BNI will miraculously develop fangs and claws

Our money is being squandered by an irresponsible President, who cannot tell the difference between the head and tail of an elephant. With the aura of a ridge-and-furrow headed, triple-barrel-chested, voluminous-lipped giant, Dele Momodu seems not to be bothered where we Ghanaians end up so long as he can join in the pillage that has since the instance of NDC governance in 2009 been the other of the day.

My people, it is evident that John Mahama has compassion for foreigners and total disregard for Ghanaians. Otherwise what would explain his alliance with an imbecile from Nigeria, who at best can be described as an inefficient scammer riding the waves of sycophancy in order to take advantage of a people's predicament? Besides, are Ghanaians not witty enough to serve the same purpose as Dele Momodu at a cheaper price? Sometimes, it is wondrous how President Mahama handles Ghana's money as if it is his own. No wonder our ship has sunk!

Shame on you Presdeint John Mahama! Couldn't the money you gave this fat, one tonne beast, Dele Momodu, paid arrears owed Doctors and nurses put together?

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Columnist: Dabbousi, Fadi