Sammy Awuku: The Liar In Chief

Sat, 11 May 2013 Source: Jackson, Margaret

By Margaret Jackson

May 7, 2013

It is very sad when you see a budding young man involved in self destructive tendencies. But your apprehension heightens when you see that, that young man is making no effort to redeem himself, but continues to edge towards the cliff.

Sammy Awuku, a deputy communications director of the NPP, easily comes to mind if you decide to search your immediate parameters to find any young man who has taken to solid, unfounded lies as his permanent stock in trade.

Politics has always been about beating your opponent to it. That is why facts are sometimes twisted by political opponents just to gain the upper hand. This has tended to be the norm in any democratic institution. You may not like it, but there is little you can do about it.

But when in your anxiety to please your political bosses and put your political opponents on the defensive, you consistently lie about everything under the sun, you stink even to the very people you are trying to please.

Sammy Awuku could have been a fine politician, but he twists everything he can possibly think of, even when there is no reason to do that. He has repeatedly lied and lied and lied and no one can tell when this guy would speak the truth one day.

It was not long ago that Sammy Awuku in his usual boisterous mood told some NPP supporters that Nana Akufo-Addo was going to be crowned president-elect by Easter. Where Awuku got this timeline from, only a guy with such a lying tongue can tell. But Sammy Awuku said it, and has no regrets making such a lousy statement since Easter has come and gone but Nana Akufo-Addo continues to sit and doze off in court during the on-going Supreme Court hearing challenging the 2012 Presidential Election .

But since a leopard can’t change its spots, Sammy Awuku is back to his old tricks and buffoonery. This time it’s not about Akufo-Addo being crowned the president-elect by the Supreme Court justices.

This time round, Sammy Awuku bared his mouth to spew that the NDC has started campaigning in anticipation of a possible Supreme Court cancellation of the results of some polling stations. Some wishful thinking!

Only God knows where Sammy Awuku has been getting these scoops from. The liar-in-chief has always something to say to further dent his name. And this has greatly destroyed his credibility even among the NPP supporters.

There seems to be no ending in sight for Sammy Awuku as telling fat lies has become part and parcel of him and perhaps believe that such acts makes him popular.

If Akufo-Addo was not crowned the president-elect by Easter by the Supreme Court justices, what makes Sammy Awuku believe that they are going to cancel the results of some polling stations and order a re-run?

Sammy Awuku can rehabilitate himself when he begins a soul searching to determine what is wrong with him. And it is only Sammy Awuku who can save Sammy Awuku.

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Columnist: Jackson, Margaret