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Fri, 30 Nov 2018 Source: Dawda Eric

Few months after the NDC organised their delegates congress which gave birth to this new executives, aspirants who are waiting patiently for the party to open nomination forms to kickstart the flagbearer race were hit with shock when the national executive committee of the party decided to use Mahama's birthday to announce the filing fees for the flagbearership forms. One would have thought that, the just ended congress would have ended the seeming" mafiarism" in the party but that is not what we are seeing. It appears that, the current executives some of whom were sponsored by Mahama in their respective portfolios are bent on selling the NDC party to John Mahama to the detriment of those who have openly declared their move to contest John Dramani Mahama.

Each and every aspirant is expected to cough a whooping sum of 420,000 Ghana cedis as the overall cost of nomination forms and filing respectively. What is going to happen with respect to this huge amount slapped on aspirants is going to put the likes of Stephen Atubigah, Prof.Joshua Alabi, Alban Bagbin,Goosie Tanoh, Elipklem Agbemava, and others at serious financial disadvantage because some of them cannot afford to pay and if it happens that way, it means most of them are going to be eliminated by " rough tactics".

These executives decided to announce this on Mahama's birthday for reasons best known to them. The NDC keeps complaining of severe hardship in the system yet, they have been able to peg their fees for nomination and filing fee at 4.2 billion old cedis.I am not surprised that, most of these aspirants have come out to reject this move by the party executives to sell the party to the highest corrupt bidder. These party executives are aware that, the only person who can afford the said amount at this material moment is John Mahama so pegging nomination at 4.2 billion Ghana cedis would definitely inure in Mahama's favour and for that matter, the only way to put a smile on his face is to announce this sensesless fee on his birthday.

Corruption has taking a center stage in our governance system and for a party like the NDC to peg nomination and filing fee at the said amount is something we should all condemn as citizens because, at the end of the day, these are the people who are hoping to lead this country. In their quest to lead this country, they are asking their aspirants to vomit such a whooping sum of money. Is this democracy or " moneytocracy"?. Their fee is higher than the fee electoral commission charged aspirants in the 2016 general election. These aspirants after paying this outrageous fee would have to look for an avenue to recoup what ever they have paid in case they get the opportunity to lead the party and if in the unlikely event the party is able to win the general election, definitely our road contracts are going to suffer kickbacks with minus 15% quality.

Every reasonable Ghanaian could recall how the NDC sold this country to their cronies like Woyome and Roland Agambire. We cannot afford to give Ghana back to the NDC after subjecting our intelligence to insult by paying Ghc 51.2m to woyome for no work done. Who in this country is not aware that, Woyome financed part of the NDC's campaign in 2008?. Why do youthe think the NDC would pay such an amount to woyome?. I nearly wept when the minister for regional organisation, Mr. Dan Botwe announced to the general public that Gh120m has been allocated to the six regions yet to be created. What it means is that, each and every region is going to get Ghc 20m each to start preparing for developmental projects. The monies the NDC paid to woyome could have taken care of two regions.

If the NDC as a party is "pegging" nomination and filing fee at Ghc 4.2m it should tell you and I that, the NDC sees governance as a money-making venture. We would definitely do ourselves and future generations a great harm if we give this country back to the NDC to rule. NDC is desperate for power just to come and create, loot and share with their looting brigades. The clear evidence is their nomination and filing fee.

#NDC is more cancerous and harmful to the welfare of Ghanaians and we should reject them on any other day#

Dawda Eric(Equity)

Citizen Vigilance for Justice

Columnist: Dawda Eric