Gaddafi’s Women Body Guards

Sun, 12 Jan 2014 Source: Onipa Ba

: Their Possible Actual Roles And Parallels In Ghana.

The actual roles that were played by the women body guards around Gaddafi remain a mystery. However, the actual services rendered by these women to Gaddafi can be deduced from the prevailing circumstances and other relevant evidence. The possible services that these women provided are two-fold and there are similarities in Ghana.

Media sources pointed out the existence of a state-owned special military academy in Libya that recruited and trained young beautiful women to be selected as Gaddafi’s body guards. The admission requirements for entry into this college included virgin status, having no relationship with any other man, looks of beauty and wearing red lipstick. Ridiculous as this may seem, to me it is equivalent to a woman president of a nation setting up special requirements for men to serve as her body guards whereby the requirements consist of the possession of over-sized or large penis. The answer to this whole puzzle lies in a question posed by the host of a TV talk show at the peak of the Libyan uprising and I quote: “We want to know which of these women share Gaddafi’s bed with him”. Thus the first possible role of these women is clear.

In his tenure of office, Gaddafi mysteriously escaped the force of powerful missiles and heavy ammunition which is explainable only in the realm of supernatural powers and probably satanic ones. On the day he was assassinated, some mysterious force had carried him into a small bridge tunnel where he was found and killed by those who sought his life. The truth all came out when a TV reporter at the scene of Gaddafi’s death showed a small white object, possibly a talisman taken from Gaddafi’s body, and said “this is the source of the power with which Gaddafi has escaped all attacks on his life”. Yap, a talisman, and you know all the beliefs and practices associated with this object, from spiritual perspective.

So what happened on that fateful day? Could those powers not carry him to a safer place? Or, possibly had his would be assassins gone to the source of his magical powers to deactivate it in the same way as Arthur and Yeboah went to satan and voodoo worshiping Volta Region of Ghana to ask Yeye Boy to deactivate the spiritual fortification of General Kotoka so that they would be able to take him out? For the information of younger and uninformed readers, Arthur and Yeboah were Ghanaian soldiers who attempted to overthrow the NLC military junta of Ghana years ago. Although the coup attempt was not successful, they managed to assassinate one of the members of the NLC in the person of General Kotoka. Reportedly, Yeye Boy was an arch voodoo or satanic priest, typical of satan worshiping Volta Region, who provided spiritual fortification for General Kotoka. It was reported that Yeye Boy had disclosed to Arthur and Yeboah that no gun shot could subdue General Kotoka, because of his supernatural powers and only stabbing him with a knife would kill him. Indeed, Yeboah and Arthur are reported to have tried multiple futile gun shots at the general and thereafter they took him to the then Accra International Airport, close to the military camp and stabbed him to death.

It was the same type of evil supernatural powers that another son of the Volta Region, Brigadier Kata, used for escaping and varnishing into thin air, from custody of officials of the military police and military intelligence whenever he was apprehended for committing crimes against the military and the state. Another criminal from the Volta Region who penetrated the Ghana Army and is notorious for possessing these evil super natural disappearing powers is Captain Kojo Tsikata. An account disclosed to me on Kojo Tsikata, by an Ewe person from the Volta Region reads as follows: “People would be in the house with him, knowing certainly that he was in the house and by some strange mechanism, Kojo Tsikata would be seen entering the house from outside”. There are no tunnels in Ghana so how did Tsikata varnish into thin air and leave the house unnoticed, only to be seen re-entering the house? It is no surprise that J. J. Rawlings, a son of the satan and voodoo worshiping Volta Region would become a protégé of Gaddafi. Birds of a feather, yap!

So, possibly a second role played by the female body guards, was that they were carrying the paraphernalia or accessories of the white talisman and super-natural powers of Gaddafi. Societies that indulge in these practices use women to perform these services.

Why do I worry myself about somebody’s evil spiritual practices? The fact is that I am a Christian and I also believe in the rule of law. Invariably, at the center of this practice is human sacrifice. From legal perspective, what person in any society on earth has no constitutional right to life so that another person could take his/her life to acquire supernatural powers? From Christian perspective, it is completely cruel. Lastly, from civilization perspective it is quite crude. Africa holds no monopoly in this savage practice, however as far as Africa is concerned, I did not know that this practice extends as far away as the northern section of the continent (Libya and environs).

I am a Christian. At the same time I am also a very practical person who recognizes that satan has power which accomplishes only evil things. The power of satan lures persons with guarantees of instant fame and glories which turn out only to be transient and in the long run the person suffers immeasurable misery and disgrace. Readers who are old enough may recall a very tragic incident that took place in Ghana during my school days in Ghana. The incident took place in one of the most progressive and civilized communities of the Eastern Region of Ghana. The incident involved a man whose name indicated was either a guest worker from northern Ghana or a migrant worker from one of the countries in the northern part of West Africa. The man butchered his wife to death and stood by the dead body of his wife and held the machete in his hand and dared the police to arrest him. The police fired multiple gun shots at the man in an effort to subdue and arrest him. Strangely enough, after each gun shot at him by the police, the man would literally touch the spot where he had been shot and extract the bullet from his body, at a pace faster than any fast surgical procedure and he would hurl the bullet back at the police officers, leaving no sign of a wound at that spot on his body where he had been shot. This was the power of satan at work. Eventually, the police overpowered the man and arrested him.

I wish to end this posting with a clarification along ethnic and racial lines. I am a black person and an African and therefore I have felt very uncomfortable about some of the facts in this posting, but from the standpoint of honesty, I have to write the truth. This clarification is necessary to stop misguided, ill-intentioned or ill-informed persons from misconstruing this posting as a calculated mortification of African culture. As I mentioned earlier, Africa holds no monopoly over the practices and beliefs discussed in this posting. The well disrespected practice among a minority in Ghana of getting rich quick through evil supernatural means has its parallel in the United States in the form of non-African or non-black organize crime syndicates of European derivative, who assassinate persons quite often in very horrific manner, to increase their wealth. A second match of this practice in Ghana is also found in the southern part of the United States where non-African or non-black wealthy drug cartels slash off the heads of pregnant women in a manner akin to ritual killing, to feed their belief of sustaining their drug enterprise and increasing their wealth. There are two groups of people on earth namely, the good and the bad and the universality of evil is underscored by the preaching of world renowned American evangelist Robert Schuler. Evangelist Schuler explains that satan is not a physical entity that can be observed and that satan is the impulse within oneself which propels one to do evil. Thus, the impulses within the person in Ghana trying to get rich quick by evil supernatural means and those within the crime syndicate and drug cartels in USA, to murder other persons to increase their wealth are identical. The contents of this last paragraph are in no way meant to exonerate persons on the African continent who indulge in the evil and supernatural beliefs and practices that I have discussed in the earlier paragraphs.

Columnist: Onipa Ba