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The citizens Governance Network is a demonic Organization.

The so-called Citizen Governance Network is not a credible organization. It is a conglomerate of hurriedly- assembled discordant members whose sole purpose is to attract attention to itself. There is nothing Islamic about it, for if there was, would it degenerate so low to the extent of issuing threat to the head of another Religious body for making innocuous remarks on a matter which affects the body polity of our country.

The call by these shameless conveyors of the nebulous network on the Right Reverend Professor Emmanuel Martey to apologise within 48 hours or else … is nothing but a ruse to distract our attention from the numerous problems confronting the country at the moment.

By issuing such a threat, the conveyors have reduced themselves to the level of dogs looking up for crumbs that fall off from their masters’ tables. This is sycophancy at its highest level. Why should human beings, for the sake of “noko fio” go to such a ridiculous extent to attract negative attention to themselves? They have by their perfidy lost their self respect as human beings and must be treated as people who are not fit to be let loose in a decent human society? Why should they issue threats in a matter which can easily be solved through discourse? And they call themselves Muslims!

I laughed myself to scorn when they issued their so called ultimatum. They also called on the Christian Council to call Reverend Professor Martey to order within the same time limit.

The 48 hours have expired and we are waiting for them to fulfil their threat. Whatever method they intend to use, we the members of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana are resolute in our faith and have unflinching confidence in our Moderator.

If we were to be in a civilized Community where the rule of law prevails, the conveyors of that nefarious network would have been cooling off in the cells of the Police or the BNI. But it is not so here. We are in Danger Boy Dramani’s Ghana who is riding a bicycle without brakes and descending a hill.

I would like to make some clarification. In the first place, the title is “The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana”. Secondly, when he makes a public pronouncement, he does so on behalf of the entire church. He makes those public pronouncements after exhaustive consultations with leading members of the Church. We are satisfied with his performance.

Let no one impute meanings into this. I am not a spokesperson of the Presbyterian Church of and I don’t intend to usurp that position. But I speak as the mouth piece of the ordinary members of the church. The Church is not a political organization. We have members of various political parties in it. And the Moderator has not given us an idea of where his allegiance lies. I would also advise the conveyors to get more education on the workings of the Christian Council of Ghana.

The conveyors should not forget how David, a little lad was able to bring down the bully, boastful and intimidating Goliath with just a sling and a stone. “Thou cometh to me with a spear, bow and arrow, but I come to you in the name of the Lord “

What was it that the Moderator said which was in bad taste? That Government has no business spending the tax-payer’s money on religious pilgrimages? Yes, we should all applaud him for having the boldness to come out with such pronouncement!

Sometime ago, the Muslims did not have any religious holiday. It took the foresight of ex President Rawlings to enact a decree that gave Muslims those religious holidays. No Christian Organization kicked against that. Everybody felt it was the best and it has come to stay. Therefore it is bad for such a group of nation wreckers to come up with such threat and all Ghanaians, irrespective of political and religious affiliations should rise up to condemn them.

It is not everybody who is a Christian of Muslims. Some are adherents of the various Eastern Religions and Traditional African Religion whiles others brand themselves as Free Thinkers.

The argument that it was the Christian Community that asked for support for their pilgrims to the Holy Land is not tenable here. They say the request was made as 2009. Why then did it take Government so long to act? May we know the Christian denomination and their leaders who first made the request?

The conveyors claim they are adherents of Islam. The Holy Koran does not make pilgrimage to Mecca a pre-requisite for Muslims. It only recommends it for those who have the means.

One important thing the satanic agents under the Citizens Governance Network are ignorant of is that it is not all the Christian Denominations that embark on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and other religious sites in Israel. The Roman Catholics for example, embark on a pilgrimage to the Vatican in Rome, Italy, whilst Anglicans Holy site is Canterbury in England. And so, right from the beginning Government decision to lump all the Christians together was flawed. I wonder if there is no enlightened person in Government to have pointed this out .

If President Mahama’s had genuine intentions towards the Christian Community, why should Afriyie’s Ankrah, the so-called Coordinator of the scheme usurp the power and authority of the Minister of Foreign Affairs by writing the letter? At best, he could have initiated the move by sending the proposal to his colleague Minister of Foreign Affairs who will formally write to inform the various Christian Denominations about it.

Again, if the offer came from a sincere heart, why should Afriyie Ankrah use the letter head of State Protocol to write the letter? Was it mischief at work? This is similar to Justice Kpegah signing his petition as a Supreme Court Judge, whilst he is not and again describing himself as Deputy Chief Justice, a title which does not exist under our Constitution. That act by Afriyie Ankrah was unchristian and uncharitable. God does not sanction usurpation of power/authority. That was the reason why the rebellion by Absalom against David, his own father was crushed. The men of God simply saw the booby trap in the offer and rejected it. Does it not surprise you that Elvis Afriyie’s Ankrah’s own brother, Reverend Sam Korankye Ankrah, Founder of the Royal Household also rejected the offer.

And if I may ask, how did Afriyie Ankrah come by the figure of $600,000.00? How do we know whether he is telling the truth or not? He should let us know the identity of the so-called philanthropist(s) if indeed there are. The sponsorship might even emanate from the stock of Andrew Solomon, President Mahama’s bosom friend. We know him as a gay activist who is capitalising on his friendship with Danger Boy Mahama (riding a bicycle without brakes and descending a hill) to foist homosexuality and lesbianism on the country.

It is sad and a far outcry from the stance taken by the late President, Professor John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills, who together with his political opponent, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo looked the British Prime Minister, David Cameroon, eyeball to eyeball and told him to go to hell with his funds if legalising lesbianism and homosexuality in the country is the only way Britain could offer us assistance.

At that time, the NDC hired crowd and Press hailed him as the best thing that ever happened in the country and touted very much his Christian credentials. Strangely enough, today a little over eight months after his untimely demise, Ghana under Danger Boy John Dramani Mahama, riding a bicycle without brakes and descending a hill has gone back 360 degrees to make this abhorrent sexual practice a cardinal principle of his administration. He has appointed a gay activist into his Cabinet. This activist took over 30 delegates ostensibly to attend an international conference. But in reality, I think it was to attend…

This is one aspect I had expected the satanic agents in their infamous network to have devoted its attention to, not the unnecessary attacks on the revered Man of God. Devout Muslims detest un-Islamic perverted Sexual practices like homosexuality and lesbianism. But these have been sanctioned right before the very eyes of these conveyors of Citizens Governance Network. What are you saying about this? Wherein lies your credibility as genuine Muslims? Speak out and be counted amongst the faithful or forever shut your beaks! I challenge you to speak out on the subject. The Moderator has set the ball rolling and everybody knows where he stands. What about you?

At the time pupils are being fed with maggot infested tomatoes and other ingredients in their meals under the School Feeding Programme, at a time teachers are going on strike due to refusal of this insensitive Mahama’s administration to honour agreements it has signed with the teachers, at a time when the National Health Insurance Scheme has grounded to a halt, at a time when having an uninterrupted water and electricity supply for two continues days has become a privilege rather than a right, Danger Boy Mahama is still riding Ghana as a bicycle without brakes. He is bent on spending $2Million of the tax-payers’ money on Pastors to go and pray for atonement of attrocities he and his cronies have committed against God and humanity.

I am a Christian but make I make bold to say that it would be criminal, insensitive, unwise, irresponsible and the height of naivety if Government went ahead to pay such colossal amount to the Clergy. It will also be ungodly, unchristian and uncharitable for any genuine Man of God to sell his conscience by accepting such Greek Gift.

And to the conveyors of the Citizens Governance Network, I pray to God to give them the spirit of knowledge and understanding which they lack but which is a pre-requisite for being a true Muslim. Obviously, they are still living in the past and are yet to come to terms with the reality that the blind cannot lead the test of the people. Their eyes need to be opened and I say “Lord, open thou their eyes so that they may see”. It is then that they will be in a position to say publicly that “The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church was right after all”.

Hope to meet you, conveyors of the Citizens Governance Network in Paradise, but that will only be on the condition that you are prepared to learn and condemn whatever is condemnable.

Daniel Danquah Damptey (Damptey_daniel@yahoo.com) 0243715297.

Columnist: Damptey, Daniel Danquah