State Prosecutors are treating Woyome with Kid Gloves

Fri, 4 May 2012 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Once again, the State prosecutors nominated by the Attorney General to battle Mr. Agbesi Woyome in court for the refund of the GHC51 Million have failed in their duty. They have secured an adjournment of the trial for the third or the fourth time running. They claim not to have completed their investigations into the otherwise successfully executed unprecedented gargantuan fraud of the century by the so-called NDC financier, Mr. Alfred Agbesi Woyome.

As I kept soliloquizing over why the State prosecutors continuously request deferment of the trial of Woyome over duping Ghana of GHC51 Million, an intuitional answer came into mind. The State prosecutors are under instructions from "Order from above" to secure Alfred Agbesi Woyome a default judgment. What is default judgment, one may ask? "Default judgment is a binding judgment in favour of either party based on some failure to take action by the other party. Most often, it is a judgment in favour of a plaintiff when the defendant has not responded to a summons or has failed to appear before a court of law" The repeated requests by the State prosecutors will anger the trial judge and compel him to issue a verdict in favour of the swindler of the Century. They are doing this because all indications tell that NDC as a political party with certain individuals in the party has benefited handsomely from Woyome's graft.

Woyome will surely mention all those who connived with him to make that judgment debt payment possible. He will also mention all those that had benefited from his fraud should the State commit to any serious trial of his case. The NDC fear how adversely any detailed revelations by Woyome will affect their chances of getting re-elected at the impending elections hence the deplorable attitude assumed by the State prosecutors. The NDC do not want to see Wayome actually prosecuted before or during the elections. The State will try Woyome for the refund of the money no matter what he does. No matter any amount of delay tactics they employ, the likes of Rockson will compel Woyome to vomit the money through his arse, mouth, ears and nose. The earlier he accepts his guilt and pays back the money, the much better it will be for him.

The Woyomegate scandal will forever haunt the NDC, cost them needed votes at election 2012. They have all along taken Ghanaians for granted. The NDC cannot easily manipulate or fool all Ghanaians as they did to their once rampageous foot soldiers. No, most Ghanaians are now politically matured and wise.

Former Attorney General, Martin Amidu, has warned Ghanaians about the lack of seriousness by President Mills and the NDC to collecting the money from Woyome. The current Attorney General has assigned incompetent State prosecutors without any in-depth knowledge about such high profile criminal cases to prosecute Wayome hence the free postponement concert we see every now and then. All the needed evidences to secure the refund of the money, and a jail term for Woyome are all over the newspapers. Certain individuals who were in charge of the CAN 2008 project are there as principal witnesses for the State. They may have all the proofs necessary and relevant enough to secure Woyome' conviction over the gargantuan fraud he has committed against the State. I therefore small rat when the Attorney General says he needs more time to assemble his facts and proofs. Should I say this is bullocks? No, I will not. I will hold the fire now.

NDC with their State prosecutors cannot continue to play on our intelligence. We are not their foot soldiers that they can manipulate like puppets with strings attached to their limbs to dance to the tune of the string pulls. I hate underestimation of people's intelligence, so NDC and the State prosecutors take note.

Woyome after probably seeking useful legal advice from much better lawyers than his concert ones has dropped the contempt proceedings he initiated against certain organisations and individuals of whom I was one. He and his team of lawyers cannot gag anyone over his historic fraud. People will stop discussing him only when he pays back the money. He had better mention all those involved in that successfully hatched plot to dupe Ghana. He should not suffer alone. It will be too little too late the day that he decides to name his accomplices.

Wayo, please tell me if part of the money did go into building the NDC headquarters in Accra? Whisper the answer into my ears and I promise to tell nobody but go into the valleys and on to the top of the mountains to shout, "King Midas has an ass' ears" Do you get what I mean?

What could have been my share of the money the NDC have connived and condoned with Woyome to remove from the Consolidated Fund? Divide the money by the population of Ghana and there you are with the sum that should have gone to Rockson. Same amount would have been your share, my dear reader.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson