State Terrorism and Criminal agenda – NDC Machinations kick Into Gear

Sat, 28 Nov 2015 Source: Dabbousi, Fabi

By Fadi Dabbousi

It would seem that each time H.E. Nana Akufo-Addo departs the shores of this country to chock yet another honour that he gladly shares with the nation, sinister hands pull strings at high places with some Judas’s from our midst. Everything is being done in their powers to bring this man down, but as short-sighted and trunkated as their mentalities are, they never discern that the more they do, the brighter his name glows.

Under the terrorist NDC regime, the NPP Head office has suffered regular attacks by armed bandits with logistics from National Security, the Police and the Military. It is my premonition that the worst is yet to come! I strongly doubt that the August Military institution of Ghana can mar its great reputation by stooping so low in dirty attacks of this nature on the democracy of Ghana that they are there to protect. Foul characters in our midst are suspected to be receiving money from Opuni, who doubles as a diabolical agent of Ibrahim Mahama, who, also, doubles as the implementer of the cruel machinations of the government and the NDC.

In fact, with names withheld until further notice, it would seem that the statement that was once purported to have come from the buccal cavity of Ibrahim Mahama is being put to work. It was said that prior to the executive congress of the NPP, he once asserted that he would use his money to tear down the NPP through some of their own officials. Now the evil mannerism of the NDC and its government against the NPP and its flag bearer, Hon Nana Akufo-Addo, is assuming apocalyptic levels. Megalomaniacs in office have gotten so addicted to the chop chop that they are willing to destroy the nation for their ulterior motives.

The NDC and its government seem to have thrown the essence of peace and democracy to the dogs. They meddle in the affairs of others’ homes just to make sure that they remain on top. They are petrified about the great prospects of an Akufo-Addo Presidency because it is then that their own people would realise how bumpy a ride their leaders have taken them on to nowhere. The President of Ghana, Mr John Mahama, is referred to as “His Incompetency”, “Dead Goat”, “promise and fail Mahama”, “liar”, “thief”, “master of corruption”, and the list goes on. I totally disapprove of this and I apologise where I used some of these vilely descriptive adjectives in earlier writeups, but Mr President is not leaving people with the options for a better and more reconciliatory tone of discourse.

He has incurred the ire of irked citizens, and foreigners alike. He has managed to sum the mass indignation of the nation into a tsunami of anger so much so that even the heavens have frowned at his regime. Why stick your finger in the elephant’s butt, Mr President? Why poke the eye of the Lion? Why do you sing the tune of a song that unites the ferocious beasts in us as Ghanaians? This is not the case of somnambulism out of which you can awaken and apologise, Sire. It is a permanent mark of inefficiency that your name is seen as having associated with.

The fact that state terrorism is going on under your nose makes you culpable and answerable to Ghanaians. Under your reign as Vice-President and President, Ghana recorded the worst form of human rights violation, as if in continuity of a precedent set by your predecessor and founding father, H.E. Dr. Dr. Boom Boom Jerry John Rawlings. How can you justify the terror of the Police on the citizenry? How can you justify the terror of armed bandits from your political party who are unleashing heinous crimes against the nation? How can you justify the grand theft of Ghana’s resources by people who feel at liberty to do so because they are either your associates or belong to the Party that you represent?

I mean How?

Please, let 2016 come and go without incidents; without state-sponsored terrorism; without killings in the name of campaign.

Now that your birthday is around the corner, let me admonish you not to have a lavish and loud party because our ears will be listening. There are better things to do with state resources than to spend it on cake, booze and food. The money could be used to pay outstanding salaries of teachers or Doctors or other civil servants or to procure chalk for schools. Be Alert and fight corruption; oh and start with yourself first.

Happy Birthday in advance Sir.

Columnist: Dabbousi, Fabi