Strength of the man in my community

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Thu, 16 Apr 2020 Source: Dr. Annie Gaisie

I am always amazed by the strength and resilience of the men in our community.

When the going gets tough, they get going… literally! They get out into nature, immerse themselves in projects, work hard, pray and ensure they turn the impossible possible.

In today’s crazy world, it seems like there are more reasons than ever to be stressed and depressed. So, today, I want to assure you of the quality and the strength of men in our community.

Getting through unimaginable and tough times. So if you are feeling flat don't be. You are stronger than you think.

When you feel overwhelmed by circumstances and feel a cloud of fear coming down on you, you just need to stop and recognize the feeling and acknowledge it. Then, tell yourself that this feeling will also pass just like the previous one. Try and remember that you have options, even if you are not sure what they are in the moment.

If you’re going through tough times, take calming breaths and find something to be grateful for.

We have choices, even when we don’t see them. Talking to someone else may unexpectedly lead to a good solution.

By the time we reach a certain age, most of us are walking around wounded.

It would be impossible to get through life without a single unpleasant thing happening. Whenever you are overwhelmed, listen to the little voice telling you to pick your head up and keep going.

That voice that will not leave you alone. This will remind you to stand strong and persevere. Some days are even good to say it out loud.

It also helps to have a great support network when you’re alone.

During rough patches, remind yourself to just take one day at a time and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Positive self-talk has always worked.

Being reflective is important when things are falling apart around you.

It’s all about putting things in perspective. When you are going through rough times, take a step back and view things from a distance.

When I was young, l managed to train myself to ‘Let go and let God.’ When things get overwhelming, I pray for strength and courage. My faith gets me through and it always works!

When you feel overwhelmed, look in the mirror and chat with your inner self. Remember the emotional and physical mountains that you have already overcome – Develop real pioneer strength!”

When life gets tough, we must remember that we only have this moment to live.

I breathe and I am grateful because that single breath assures me that l have a second chance.

The true strength of the man in my community is being alive. Having natural air(oxygen) we can turn our situation around.

By: Dr. Annie Gaisie, Psychologist - Addictive Behaviour.

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Columnist: Dr. Annie Gaisie