Subliminal LGBT agenda must be stopped; MOE, GES

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Tue, 1 Oct 2019 Source: Emmanuel Amoquandoh

There is something about unity that makes a group of people triumph on any goal they set before them to achieve as they work hard towards it.

The antithesis is also true of people who seek to achieve a goal but approach it with some form of lackadaisical attitude, thinking the situation will work out by itself, or some other people are the ones mandated by society to stand up and fight for what is right.

Such people with such attitudes are the reasons we see very little improvements in our national life, making every, and any effort put up by the few with good intentions, become a mirage.

We are not ignorant of the Lesbian, Gay, bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community and their agenda over the years to destroy the social fabric and the family system established by God. They started this evil agenda in some countries, and under the guise of human rights, have perpetuated their evil agenda and have gone ahead to deceive people to join them.

Unsatisfied with their perversion in the western world, they have sort to enter Africa, the continent with strong values, to perpetuate their evil intentions by the influence of money, threats, the media, movies, and any other means possible, by infiltrating the corridors of power within the political governance structure, in the bid to get African governments to legitimise this abomination.

Though they have succeeded in getting some few people to join them in this evil act, they have also realised that never in any continent in the world have they face serious opposition than the continent of Africa.

It is for this reason that they have sought to use the educational sector, an area of life where mankind cannot do without, to perpetuate their evil agenda. And what a better choice of influence to make than to select the class of human beings who are the most vulnerable and naive among human, the children. Thus, the saying goes, “Catch them young and they shall be yours forever”.

No parent in the world in the 21st Century, with all the weight of workload and busy schedules of appointments and social engagement, has the luxury of time to tutor their wards at home in the various disciplines of academia.

And even if there is a chance for that, the unfortunate social divide of literacy makes it impossible for anyone parent to tutor their wards. Not even professional teachers attempts to go on that tangent. This is why parents send their wards to school. After all, it is the fundamental human right of the child.

That notwithstanding, no parent ever sends his or her child to school only for that child to become a burden to him or her and also society, simply because the mind of the child has been conscientised to think in a particular fashion, at an age which is highly inappropriate for the child to be learning things above his or her comprehension.

The subject of sex and the practise of it, in it appropriate manner, has become something that even adults have not be able to handle. The consequences of it have become a nightmare and trying to find solutions to those consequences have become a snare.

If adults who are supposed to know better and are well placed to know the repercussions of sex are not able to handle it, then by what dint of measure should anyone appropriate the study of sex among children who do not have the slightest clue about what sex is all about?

How on earth can anyone convince any thoughtful and well meaning person that you have to teach a boy to know he is a boy before he gets to know that he is a boy? Or teach a girl for her know that she is a girl before she gets to know that she is a girl?

If this is what that comprehensive sexuality education is all about, then it should be trashed because we have more pressing issues to deal with as a country and this is definitely not time for us a nation to begin the destruction of this country’s future from now.

I call on the Christian Council of Ghana, The National House of Chiefs, the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council, the president of Ghana, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, Parliament, the Judiciary and all well meaning Ghanaians to stand up against this evil that will destroy the future of our children and our nation.

We cannot afford to be praying to God to make our nation great and strong while we dabble in what will definitely make our nation ridiculous and weak. If there is any form of oppressors’ rule, then this abomination is one of them and we need to resist it with all our might as a nation.

Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) is clearly an LGBT agenda and it must be stopped now. Ghana owes no nation, country or state in the world an apology for stopping the legitimisation of homosexuality.

This is definitely not time for Ghanaians to sit down and watch, expecting that some group of people will stop this. If you want to have something good, you work for it. So let us rise and work for what is right because those who are working for wrong are not joking.

This is a subliminal agenda of introducing an immoral epidemic, and so the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Ghana Education Service (GES) should as a matter of urgency, stop this sublime means of roping in by the backdoor, what should not be heard of in Ghana’s educational system in the first place.

Say no to the legitimisation of homosexuality in Ghana. No good thing has ever come to those who wait but those who go out there and make it happen.

The writer is a professional journalist, a child protector and a Children’s Ministry Worker at the Church of Pentecost. Email: deboyyyz@yahoo.com

Columnist: Emmanuel Amoquandoh
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