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Nana Akufo Addo At GALOP Launch.jpeg President of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo

Thu, 10 Sep 2020 Source: Kwame Ohene Asare

Ex-president Kufuor was spot on when he said elections can be irrational.

The ex-President said this in his most recent interview that elections can be highly influenced by emotions. In my view, when emotions dominate elections, the NPP will be at a little disadvantage.

No logical examination of the current political situation in Ghana should lead to any preference for the National Democratic Congress (NDC). However, whether fair or otherwise, Ghanaians trust the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to do what is right by Law and morality.

When people vote on tribal lines, NPP tends to suffer more. NPP’s support base at such times tend to be more apathetic. There is a little possibility that ‘Voltarians’ may behave similarly this time round – that is, play the apathy game. Otherwise, my instincts and analyses will hold true. If it were not so, the NDC would have lost the 2012 elections when the song ‘Woyome, Woyome’ was in vogue.

NPP’s 2020 election battle has been made tougher now by those whose actions will be examined by the electorate, the real political actors, incidentally and the beneficiaries of the better tomorrow we all await.

These actors are operating on the premises that people will be balancing the books of Good and Bad and juxtapositioning it on NDC’s. That is the logical exercise, but elections do not easily run that way. Our standards have fallen but Ghanaians may yet still subject the NPP to a higher test. NPP came to power with an excess of goodwill which, appears to have been substantially consumed, albeit, not exhausted, but if 2008 is anything to go by, then 2020 is not over until it is over. We must work hard for victory.

Nana Addo’s hard work will be flushed down the pan by the few Ghanaians who are just after instant gratification if we do not rise. Like elections, the stock market is also well known for its occasional irrationality.

It can be a very unpredictable market even if from time to time, people are able to master the trade in such a way as to make a killing from it, if not by pure luck. I am no stockbroker, but I can say without any fear, favour, or equivocation, that the timing of Agyapa’s floatation is such that the NPP’s fortunes can be said to have been tied to its prospects of success.

That is, her likelihood of raising funds from the market. If successful, the status quo may be maintained, however, if it fails, there will be no time for the party to recover. The unnecessary and untrue insistence that Kofi Osafo-Marfo is our Country’s best choice for CEO for Agyapa, that only Data Bank could be found to offer the best transactional support and that Gabby’s Law firm and their associate English Law firm– White & Case are the best Legal Advisers in a matter like this, means that a lot will turn on the success of the exercise.

Should this have happened this side of the elections? In my view, however long

negotiations may have been ongoing, as soon as any evidence emerged that there

would be opposition from the CSO’s, NPP’s managers and strategists should have

dropped this deal in a pool of iced water to await better times. Our own Finance Minister and Ace Ankomah, the other Lawyer involved in the transaction, were staunch members of Occupy Ghana, a CSO too; they have not suddenly become


Are our decision makers not unduly influenced by their emotions rather than

on the future of Ghana, which seriously hangs on the continuity of an NPP


Columnist: Kwame Ohene Asare
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