The Asante/Akyem Politicians Verses The Other Tribes

Sat, 30 Mar 2013 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Part 1

The AGONY of DEFEAT needs to be experienced before it is fully appreciated. It is a very miserable one especially when an opposition party like the NPP is heavily in debated to foreign interest groups, local businessmen and women, the Banks and several institutions in Ghana.

So excruciating is the pain that in order to soothe it, people always resort to explanations that END UP ACCOSING OTHERS.

However, what defeated political parties NEVER DO IS TO TAKE A VERY CLOSE LOOK AT THEMSELVES, and for that reason, they will never give credit to their political opponents for their superior political skills and their ability to exploit chances to their advantage.

They will never admit that they PLAYED BELOW FORM, TOOK THINGS FORGRANTED and played to the cheers of the crowd most of the time instead of talking about issues that will give them VICTORY. For such political parties especially the NPP, they are more likely to make DEFEAT BEDFELOWS since they will never make self assessment and work on their WEAKNESSES and formulate better strategies to confront their opponents in future elections.

The NPP is still nursing its wounds which were NOT HEALED completely in 2008 but have again been deeply cut wide open by President John Mahama who shocked them with a ONE TOUCH VICTORY after only 3 months of campaigning for votes as compared to Nana Akuffo Addo’s 4 solid years of tribal politics amidst threats and intimidations that cost him the 2012 election for the second time. The NPP is trying hard to locate where to place the BLAME. The Absence of people from the Volta Region in former president Kufour’s cabinet was explained that members of Parliament from that Region were NOT ON THE MAJORITY SIDE. If that was the case, then what about the position of Deputy Ministers?

What about the hundreds if not thousands of qualified and competent professionals that the Volta Region has produced? Could their talents not have been exploited to benefit and glory of this country? A few of these Voltarians were in the news though in a Negative way. That was when they were being ESCORTED TO SERVE POLITICAL MOTIVATED PRISON SENTENCES OR when they were lucky to be granted PRSIDENTIAL PARDON by a hopeless President after they have finished serving their prison terms. A final act of their isolation, the people of the Volta Region were the only Ghanaians who suffered the PAIN and DISGRACE of having their BORDER with their Togolese counterparts CLOSED AT SHORT NOTICE on December 7th 2008 election contrary to the assurances by the government to the Diplomatic Community that Ghana’s Borders would remain open during the general elections. TO ALIENATE A WHOLE PEOPLE LIKE THIS AND EXPECT THEM TO SUPPORT YOUR BID FOR THE HIGHEST OFFICE OF THE LAND IS TO CREDIT THEM WITH NO NATURAL INTELLIGENCE. How DARE YOU – NANA AKUFFO-ADDO AND HIS NPP? That should NOT BE and this is THE NAKED TRUTH PEOPLE MUST BE READY TO FACE IF THEY EXPECT BETTER THINGS IN THE NEAR FUTURE. These Asante/Akyem politicians always take things for granted but when it matters most, THE PEOPLE OF THE VOLTA REGION WILL PROVE TO THE NPP THAT THEY ARE NOT BLIND OR HOPELESS TO SEE THE INJUSTICE, DISRESPECT AND OPEN CONTEMPT OF EWES BY THE LEADERSHIP OF THE NPP SINCE TIME IMMEMORIAL. To be brutally frank, the people of the Volta Region are far more experienced in all fields of endeavour than the entire hopeless government of the NPP from 2001-2008. This country must be seen to BELONG TO ALL GHANAIANS AND NOT REPEAT NOT, THE PEOPLE OF ASANTE/AKYEM NOW LEADING THE NPP, IT should therefore not be deemed as an act of CHARITY or BENEVOLENCE if a few crumbs should be THROWN AT SOME PEOPLE while OTHERS ARE FEEDING FAT ON THE NATIONS RESOURCES AS THE NPP UNDER KUFOUR DID TO THE PEOPLE OF VOLTA REGION FROM 2001 – 2008.

As individuals and groups, we can never think alike or tow the same line by supporting a political party like the NPP en bloc, or supporting the NDC or CPP en block.

The NPP government under Prez. Kufuor behaved as if he will remain in power forever and therefore decided to teach the people of Volta Region a lesson, but he failed woefully. President Kufour won the general elections in 2000 because there was division in the NDC and more so, former President Rawlings had stayed for 19years in power and that was why most Ghanaians wanted a NEW FACE to change Rawlings, but it was definetly not J.A. Kufour they were looking for who became President by default and behaved as if he was next to God in this country. The NPP always adopt the self defeatish attitude of raining insults on personalities when these persons OUTGUN them in the art of DEMOCRACY as the NDC did to them twice in 2008 and in 2012. It was the in ordinate FALSE BELIEF that the ENTIRE NATION should think like these Asante/Akyem politicians leading the NPP. Decent Ghanaians must not surrender their minds to the barrage of lies being hurled out by the opposition National Pick Pockets (NPP) members in this country. Should people always be killed constantly by the NPP for disagreeing with them?

It will be recalled that men and women who were building Ghana into a place where people can live together irrespective of race, tribe, religion or colour were all IMPRISONED by the C.I.A sponsored traitor in the NLC military junta headed by Generals Afrifa and E.K. Kotoka on Feb. 24th 1966.

What is at stake here is not who belong to which political party but how Ghanaians will preserve the Fourth Republic created by Jerry Rawlings, the World President from getting back into the hands of the A BONGO BOYS by ensuring that civilians are treated fairly and not harassed or enslaved by the Media without the chance to publish rejoinders since most journalists in Ghana were not happy with the constitutional Albatross of Mandatory Rejoinders. If the media has been responsible and fair enough, the Consultative Assembly would not have brought that Provision in the 1992 constitution at all since unverified allegations had gained currency in the country through the work of bias journalists who emerged mainly from the Private media owned by NPP top gurus who established such media Houses in order to destroy President Rawlings but failed woefully. This is a fact because between 1992 – 2000, the NPP groomed some journalists who constantly published classical pieces of mendacious TRASH, notoriously vicious in its anti- people and anti- NDC nature. It betrayed the depth some writers and journalists could SINK to give a dog a bad name and hang it, and despite all these ungodly attacks on the NDC, Rawlings survived it all and these hopeless tribal warlords an war path had to put their tails in between their thighs and flee on a journey to NOWHERE as they always SPEAK before they think and they will soon GO MAD as most NPP members now speak to themselves while walking in the streets without mobile phones – so would Nana Akuffo-Addo Ex-Prez. Kufour had been happy if they were in the shoes of the Voltarians. This was most unfair and undemocratic I am done. “Jaanbie Iwaii Aluta Continua!





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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement